We help tech startups to find and hire A players from Poland

We increase your chance of hiring the perfect candidate by 800%.

A 12-month guarantee on every candidate.

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Clients love working with us for…

Well, sometimes for ‘everything’

Paulina Bialek

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CEO, FrostyWhale

“Everything exceeded my expectations.”

Sofia E.

star star star star star

Head of Business Development

“They are always ready to help and put a lot of effort into every aspect of their work.”

Relieving their team from the recruitment workload

Sasi Helin

star star star star star

Manager, Eiger

“They work really fast, and provide tons of good candidates.”

Mathieu L.

star star star star star

Engineering manager, Consensus

“We were able to delegate most of the work to them which greatly relieved our workload and saved us a ton of time.”

Phenomenal speed and quality of candidates

Tom Jurek

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Head of people operations, Future mind

“The fact that they were able to act quickly was impressive.”

Mati Staniszewski

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CEO, ElevenLabs

“Their speed was phenomenal for our time together.”

Our motto?

No more wrong hires.

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Ever wondered how much one bad hire can cost you? We calculated it – it starts at $10k and ends far over $100k.

In RemoDevs, we want to make sure you are not making wrong hires, that’s why we provide you with a flow of candidates who we screen ourselves and make sure they are matched to your company.

How do we do it so fast? Well, we work our a** off, so you can focus on other things.

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    “We’ll make sure you hire the best candidates.”
    Lukasz Wybieralski, CEO at RemoDevs

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