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The most classic recruitment service. At RemoDevs we focus on understanding the client’s business in depth and delivering the most suitable candidates



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When comparing RPO and Success Fee, both models can be effective but the best option depends on the specific needs and resources of the organisation. For smaller companies or those with sporadic hiring needs, Success Fee recruitment can be a cost-effective solution. RPO is more suitable for larger organisations with multiple roles to fill.



There is no cost to the client until the candidate is hired. It is the most popular model used by both small and large companies

icon Recruiter PRO increases

  • Pool of candidates
  • Quality of candidates
  • Flexibility of your team
  • Chances of hiring the perfect candidate

icon RPO decreases

  • Time to hire
  • Time spent on searching the candidate
  • Stress connected with finding the perfect candidate


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“Everything was on time, I wasn’t able to keep up with their pace.”


Suplift Terlecki

Co-Founder of Segment

“Everything exceeded my expectations.”


Frosty Paulina

Co-Founder of Segment

“They work really fast and provide tons of good candidates.”


Eiger Sasi

Co-Founder of Segment

“The ability to quickly find people with rare combinations of skills is something that definitely stands out.”



Co-Founder of Segment

“Their speed was phenomenal.”


Elevenlabs Mati

Co-Founder of Segment

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