React is an open source web framework based on JavaScript which is used to create user interfaces for front-end development. 

Originally built by Meta, React has become very popular for front-end development with it being the second most used web framework with 40.6 percent developers using it in 2023. 

The demand for React Developers is high in the market but with high costs, alternative destinations are being sought after too. 

This article thus provides tips and strategies to hire React Developers along with potential of hiring such talents from Poland or Ukraine. 

What Is a React Developer?

React Developers help to build JavaScript based websites and apps with their focus being on front-end development such as user interfaces. 

What Does a React Developer Do? Roles & Responsibilities

React Developer responsibilities can vary but in general they focus on the areas of web development, User interface creation, system maintenance, and support. 

Here are key React Developer roles and responsibilities.

  • Examining the requirements proposed for front-end development
  • Creating user interfaces for websites and apps
  • Writing code to build responsive interactive front-end technology such as buttons and forms
  • Testing and troubleshooting the user interface
  • Ensuring that the UI/UX designs align with usability criterias
  • Building reusable components and front-end libraries
  • Collaborating with both front-end and back-end developers.

Benefits of Hiring React Developers for Your Next Development Project

Below we highlight the benefits of React and hiring React Developers.

1. Speed

React Developers can work on individual application parts for both the client and server side which is helpful for rapid development. Moreover, they’re able to seamlessly integrate with various libraries and frameworks, accelerating the development process further. 

2. Flexibility

React is known for its modular approach which leads to Developers writing code that is easier to maintain and thus leads to time and resource savings. The reuse of code components may even be used for separate projects. 

3. Rich User Interfaces

Among the main React benefits is the extensive user interfaces that React Developers are adept at creating with variety and high quality. This ensures that the application has a smooth and responsive user experience. 

4. Fast Rendering

When Meta developed React, they introduced virtual DOM which ensures quick rendering and improves user experience. Furthermore, it also helps to reduce page load times and thus increase SEO rankings.

5. Strong Developer Community

React Developers can take help from the community of experts which ensures prompt solutions. For instance, the React developers are highly active in Dev Community and Hashnode. 

"The best thing about React is it makes you think about apps as you build them." _ Ryan Florence
“The best thing about React is it makes you think about apps as you build them.” _ Ryan Florence

Key Skills to Look Out for When Hiring React Developers

The following React Developer skills can be viewed as a checklist when assessing a candidate. 

1. Core Technical Skills

A React Developer for hire should possess the following fundamental technical skills. 

  • JavaScript and ES6: React is a front-end JavaScript library which means understanding of JavaScript with an emphasis on the latest version ES6 is necessary. Consider asking about features such as promises, async/await, and destructuring.
  • HTML/CSS: Look specifically for knowledge on HTML5 and CSS3 which are key to render the user interface. 
  • Version Control/Git: Collaborating together with other Developers via version control systems such as Git allows for a history of code modifications and resolving conflicts. 

2. Specific React Skills

React Developer required skills also include expertise in following areas

  • Understanding of React Principles: Knowledge of JSX, components, state, props, lifecycle methods, hooks, and the virtual DOM.
  • State Management: Familiarity with state management libraries like Redux or Flux for complex applications.
  • Routing: Competency to implement routing in React using libraries like React Router for single-page applications.
  • Performance Tuning: Ability to optimize React applications for performance, including lazy loading, memoization, and minimizing unnecessary re-renders.
  • Fundamentals of JavaScript: A strong grasp of JavaScript concepts such as variables, scoping, and arrays is essential.

3. Additional Technical Skills

Some good to have additional technical skills are 

  • Node + npm: Understanding Node.js and npm for building and managing React applications.
  • API Data Fetching: Skilled in fetching and handling data from both GraphQL and REST APIs using libraries like Axios or Apollo Client.

4. Soft Skills

Skills for React Developer aren’t limited to only hard skills but should include the following soft skills too. 

  • Problem-Solving: Ability to logically analyze and solve coding issues efficiently.
  • Communication: Ability to articulate ideas clearly along with active listening ability.
  • Adaptability: Willingness to learn new technologies and adapt to changing requirements in a fast-paced environment. 
  • Teamwork: Collaborative skills to work effectively with team members including Empathy. 
  • Creativity: A creative mindset is at the core of designing and implementing innovative user interfaces
  • Accountability: Taking responsibility of work, meeting deadlines, and being accountable for code quality and project success.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring React Developers

Along with assessing key skills, it’s also important to avoid the following common mistakes to hire React Developers. 

1. Placing Excessive Emphasis on Years of Experience

Each day, Indeed has 1500-1800 vacancies for React Developers most of which pay a senior level salary. 

Thus, it’s important to be reasonable in the years of experience you are looking or else competition who require less experience may snatch quality talent. 

2. Disregarding Code Quality

Prioritizing code quality not only enhances readability but also ensures long-term maintainability and scalability of the application. In addition to looking at completed projects, assess how clean and easy to debug the code is.

3. Relying Solely on Resumes for Hiring

Resume should be used for the first phase of screening for filtering candidates. However, don’t make the mistake of not having any technical assessments or case studies to gauge actual competence. 

4. Rushing Through the Pre-Screening Process

There may be a hurry to hire React Developers for an immediate project. 

However, rushing the pre-screening and skipping important stages such as technical assessments may lead to the wrong hire. 

5. Neglecting Consideration of Cultural Fit

Though the candidate may have the necessary skills, their values might be different or there may be questions on their attitudes that can hamper the team’s morale. It may even lead to conflicts within the team if such candidates are onboarded. 

6. Using Outdated Whiteboard Tests

Impromptu whiteboard tests may not be practical in the modern software development process. Rather, implementing modern methods such as pair programming or take-home assignments may be better. 

How to Hire a React Developer: Choosing the Perfect Candidate

Considering the following process can help to hire the right React Developer. 

1. Check Out Their Portfolio

Review their past work and if possible communicate with references on how the candidate performed. Furthermore, ask for code samples from their portfolio projects. 

2. Determine Technical Proficiency

Develop a set of questions and exercises aligned with the specific project that assess key technical skills.

This can include React concepts including JavaScript ES6, Redux, and JSX along with frameworks such as Node.js and GraphQL.

3. Evaluate Communication Skills

Consider meeting the candidate in person or through video interviews to get a first-hand understanding of how well they can communicate their technical ideas. 

4. Consider Cultural Fit

A business might have some important values that reflect on the company culture. Assess whether they would fit within the project’s working environment. 

5. Set Expectations

Clarify the exact job roles and how they will be contributing to the project’s objectives to ensure that any misunderstandings further down the line can be avoided. 

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a React Developer?

The average cost of hiring a React Developer in the U.S. is $91,000 per year. While in Canada the amount is $79,000 per year. 

Poland and Ukraine are emerging as top destinations for quality React Developers because of the affordable costs. 

In Poland, the average yearly salary ranges from $36,000 to $64,000 while in Ukraine the salary ranges from $18,000 to $42,000. 

Write components as if you could throw them away tomorrow without regretting it.
Write components as if you could throw them away tomorrow without regretting it. _Dan Abramov

Best Models for Hiring React Developers

Here are the 3 most popular models for hiring React Developers

1. In-House

The in-house model means to hire full-time employees within the company. 


  • Full-time employees can provide a key contribution to your project by being a dedicated team member
  • Easier collaboration especially while working in an Agile work setting. 


  • Time-consuming process to find the right hire
  • Higher costs because of fixed salary and benefits

2. Freelance 

Freelancers are independent contractors who work on a project basis. 


  • More cost-effective because of project-based work
  • Access to talents with new skills


  • Availability might be inconsistent as they work on multiple projects
  • Deliverable quality may vary heavily depending on freelancer

3. Outsourcing

Outsourcing means to delegate the hiring process to a specialized third party recruitment firm. 


  • Much faster time to hire
  • Access to ready for hire expert tech talent. 


  • There may be coordination issues among the two teams. 
  • Possibility of hiring wrong talent. 

Hiring Remote React Developers

Consider hiring a Remote React Developer as it’s more convenient than ever to access talent from around the globe with lower costs for similar quality. 

Why Hire React Developers From Poland Or Ukraine?

1. Skilled Talent Pool

Remote React Developers from Poland and Ukraine have a large pool of skilled talent who have graduated from among the numerous technical universities there. 

2. Cost-Effective

Their rates are much more competitive than countries in Western Europe and North America helping companies to reduce operational costs while maintaining quality assurance. 

3. Time Zone Advantage

In comparison with options such as in Asia, the overlapping work hours help to foster real-time communication and enhance the overall efficiency of collaborative efforts. 

4. English Proficiency

Both Poland and Ukraine boast high English-speaking tech talent which reduces the common challenge of language barriers. 

5. Cultural Compatibility

They have similar work ethics and values that align with the expectations and work culture of Western European companies. 

6. Strong Tech Communities

As global companies such as Google, IBM, and Accenture among others have trusted the tech talents from these countries, a large tech community has developed here enabling developers to stay updated with all the latest trends. 

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