Magento is becoming a more popular platform for selling products, so more businesses want their store on Magento. In this regard, only Magento programmers can help you. Therefore, In today’s guide, we will share complete information on how to hire dedicated Magento developers so that you get the best talent for your company.

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What is Magento?

It is one of the most well-known e-commerce platforms that uses open-source technology and offers excellent features that help connect clients and sell products.


What Does a Magento Developer Do? Roles & Responsibilities

Magento developer roles and responsibilities include creating, testing, installing, maintaining, and updating e-commerce websites. A Magento programmer is also accountable for handling customer needs, altering business requirements, extending functionalities, and defining requirements. 

Magento engineers must also apply the best practices of Magento development and work with customers to recognize business needs, find solutions, and offer recommendations for business betterment.

Other responsibilities of a Magento engineer include managing the Magento code base to meet brand standards and design specifications, checking, debugging, and altering Magento extensions, and integrating Magento with third-party servers and apps. 

What is Magento Used for?

Magento offers control over the appearance, flexible shopping cart system, and functionality of online stores to merchants. It is also used for managing catalogs and enhancing marketing. Furthermore, Magento has powerful features that efficiently cater to all your needs and is the best flexible solution for scaling an e-commerce business.

Why Choose Magento: Advantages of Magento

You should choose Magento because of its significant benefits, such as providing you with performance analytics, secure and simple payments, and extended features and functionalities. Other benefits of using Magento are that it scales and performs well, has higher traffic, and has better outreach than other e-commerce platforms. Also, it offers you fast checkouts and a personalized user experience.

Key Skills to Look Out for When Hiring Magento Developers

Expert Magento engineers possess specific skills that make them professional in their respective fields. Therefore, when hiring a Magento web developer, look out for these skills in candidates to get the perfect fit for your organization. Ten critical Magento developer skills are explained below.

Technical Proficiency and Creative Problem-Solving

Magento programmers should know website functionality and possess strong communication skills to solve issues creatively by developing new ideas.

Magento Certification Credentials

Magento engineers should also have a valid Magento certificate that shows their expertise in Magento to build a secure e-commerce store.

Effective Communication and Client Understanding

Another critical skill a Magento programmer should possess is the ability to communicate effectively so that it would be easy for him to share his opinion and thoughts effectively and understand clients’ requirements easily.

Reliable Support and Maintenance Services

Magento engineers should be skilled in satisfying customers’ needs and resolving their issues promptly. This is important for the success of a business.

Efficient Time Management Skills

Time management is another vital skill a Magento programmer should be an expert in because it helps complete and deliver projects on time.

Programming Language Expertise

Programming languages are used to build websites; therefore, Magento engineers should be experts in programming languages so that the developers can easily add more custom functionalities to the Magento store.

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Professional Conduct and Etiquette

Another critical aspect of Magento engineering is professionalism, as it helps develop a better impact on clients and businesses. 

SEO Knowledge for Search Engine Success

An understanding of SEO is vital for developing a search engine-friendly website; therefore, Magento programmers should be experts in SEO so that products rank in search engines.

CMS Development Proficiency

Proficiency in CMS technology is essential for enhancing security, optimizing performance, and efficient workflows according to company requirements. 

Passion and Dedication to Excellence

A passionate and dedicated Magento engineer delivers quality work within the timeline. He understands the best practices to complete the project that meets the client’s requirements.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Magento Developers 

Although it seems easy to hire a dedicated Magento developer, most often, inevitable mistakes are made by organizations, and as a result, they end up hiring the wrong candidate. Some of these typical pitfalls are explained below.

1. Neglecting Magento Certifications

A Magento engineer with Magento certificates is best for completing your project; therefore, companies should never ignore the Magento certifications of candidates.

2. Ignoring Communication Skills

Communication skills are vital at different levels of a job; therefore, you need to pay attention to communication skills to avoid specific challenges in the future.

3. Overlooking Portfolio and Experience

Candidates’ experience and portfolio are great ways to understand their level of expertise clearly; therefore, leaving them unnoticed is another mistake you should avoid.

4. Underestimating SEO Knowledge

SEO is essential to rank your products on search engines, and underestimating the SEO experience of a candidate will result in fewer sales of your products.

5. Not Evaluating Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and support are vital for Magento; therefore, look for a candidate who can easily maintain your store and offer customer support.

How to Hire a Magento Developer: Choosing the Perfect Candidate

To hire a Magento programmer, follow the given five steps.

1. Define Project Requirements

First of all, clearly define the requirements of your project so that you understand why you need a Magento programmer and what tasks you expect from him.

2. Search for Qualified Candidates

Once you successfully describe project requirements, post the job so the Magento programmer reaches you. Search for perfectly matching candidates who can do the project efficiently.

3. Evaluate Portfolios and References

Assess the references and portfolio of candidates to get an idea of their experience, knowledge, and possibilities for success in the position.

4. Conduct Technical Interviews

The fourth step involves conducting interviews and asking relevant questions from candidates so that you can filter out the candidates for the next step.

5. Assess Soft Skills

Evaluate the soft skills of the applicants because, along with technical skills, soft skills are also required for developing your store on Magento.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Magento Developer?

When hiring a Magento programmer, keep in mind that the rates depend on various factors, such as region and level of expertise. Most importantly, location is critical in defining the Magento developer cost. 

This table lists the hourly rates of Magento engineers in different states.

Countries Per Hour Rate
USA and Canada$100-$275
UK and Germany$50-$100
Ukraine and Poland$35-$60

Best Models for Hiring Magento Developers

Hire a Magento expert by using any of these three models: In-house, freelance, and outsourcing. These models, with their advantages and disadvantages, are discussed below.

1. In-House


An in-house Magento programmers work exclusively for an organization, mainly within the the company premises.


  • Quality assurance
  • Easy to communicate


  • Costly
  • Limited skills

2. Freelance 


Freelance Magento engineers work remotely on a project basis and are not limited to one company.


  • Cost-effective
  • Highly skilled in a specific niche


  • Difficult to control quality
  • Communication challenges

3. Outsourcing


Outsourcing involves hiring a third-party agency to complete Magento-related tasks for your company.


  • Cost saving
  • Save time and energy


  • Communication challenges
  • Dependency

Hire Offshore Magento Developers

Offshore Magento programmers are less costly than in the US, Canada, and Australia. Additionally, they are skilled in the latest technologies and know how to utilize tools and features of various software to deliver quality work to customers successfully.

Why Hire Magento Developers from Poland/Ukraine?

Hire Magento developers from Ukraine or Poland because of five reasons which are explained below.

1. High-Quality Expertise

Hire offshore Magento developers from Ukraine or Poland because they offer high-quality work, are exceptionally highly skilled, and thoroughly understand Magento.

2. Cost-Effective Solutions

Poland and Ukraine Magneto engineers save you money by costing less. As a result, you get budget-friendly developers who make stores for you at Magento at competitive rates.

3. English Proficiency

Magento developers from these Eastern European countries are proficient in English, making it easy for companies to communicate and discuss the project in detail.

4. Strong Work Ethic

Work ethics are crucial to company success, and Polish and Ukrainian programmers strongly understand this; therefore, they possess strong work ethics to boost your company’s reputation and success.

5. Large Talent Pool

With the growing IT industry, more IT professionals are found in Poland and Ukraine; thus, you gain access to a large talent pool in both these countries.

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