The hiring process in the IT field is one of the most challenging types of recruitment, but for the best recruiters it’s a piece of cake. What is the secret of effective talent acquisition?

  • Which practices affect on successful process?
  • How to run recruitments rich in new hires?

Check out how do professionals work and take advices from the best IT recruiters!

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The best recruitment practices to speed up the hiring process

During IT talent acquisition process, the time matters. This measure has the biggest impact on successful hiring. Nobody likes to wait: juniors are under pressure – they literally need to find a job quickly. Mids can take too long recruitment process as symptom of unprofessional approach, and top candidates are in demand in talent pools.

The data shows: Hardly available, passive candidates employees as best talents are off the labor market in 10 days! 

How to stay ahead of the competition and recruit effectively? You can find the best tips for recruitment strategies below, which shorten up the whole process and helps attract the best, qualified candidates:

Recruitment stages

Eliminate not necessary steps of interviewing candidates. The first pre-interviewing call, should take no longer than 30 min, and it is enough to present job offer, check language skills and talk about experience or knowledge of the applicant.

The next step might be sending a task to potential candidates. You can challenge applicants and find out how do they work under pressure, if they can solve problems and if they have the appropriate knowledge, required on an offered position.

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The last step is the final interview with the potential employee, which should take from one to two hours. If you look for an expert, don’t hesitate to extend this step’s time. You have to be sure about everything you require.

Other steps are not needed and take valuable time, which increases cost per hire, frustrate candidates and don’t impact positively on recruiting in your company. Show your company culture and entice passive candidates with best practices during interview.

Recruitment strategy vs. timelines

On the stage of planning recruitment, you should pay special attention to considered timelines. The time to new hire often takes too long, because of failure to meet the assumed deadlines. The recruitment strategy is a clue.

Your priority is to find top talent in relatively short time, run evaluation procedure, attract the candidate by the offer and keep communication on the proper stage to close up recruitment quickly. To achieve this goal, you have to set up a clear timeframe and keep it. 

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You can be sure, if you have made proper marketing, attracted the right applicants and focused on the best of them, you will deliver new hire right in time, thanks to a good strategy.

Automation tools – the best recruiters advice

One of the best strategies to shorten up the application process is to use dedicated online apps, which are invented to automate the recruitment. Preparing questionnaires, using web calendars for scheduling interviews, and inserting a good applicant tracking system allows for shortening stages of recruitment which are most frequently discouraging for candidates.

The other pros of using automation apps during the hiring processes is significant increase the candidate experience factor. Once you choose a candidate-friendly way of recruiting, your employer brand keeps growing stronger.

Communication on the highest level

Top recruiters know, that the key of successful hiring is communication. It can be a difficult part of each IT recruiting process. The IT society is strictly defined as introverted, so even top talents might be a little “off” during a classical HR interview.

In the IT field, the career path starts from graduating technical (64%) or science (24%)  studies.

The typical recruiting strategy used by most companies doesn’t work. Communication with programmers doesn’t give a clear view of the applicant. To avoid misunderstanding and attract or then convince applicants to the competition for a role, you have to know how to talk to them.

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The data shows: the average work experience in the IT industry is 6 years. Barely 18% of engineers declare work experience on 10+ years level.

Meetings and interviews should be clear, short, and tailored to the people you talk to. The best idea is to arrange meetings with HR and IT specialists, who can check both: soft and technical skills of candidates, with respect for specific character of IT society members, which improve positive candidate experience. Focus on details to be better in hiring than your competitors.

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To avoid problems with adapting to a new position, you should always talk about the project. Experienced or not, every IT employee knows, what is he/her good in and which type of work is the best for him/her. By sharing project details, you can be sure, that you will find the best talent for the role.

Many companies think employees should show their best during recruiting, but the truth is, that employer has to convince potential employees to choose his open positions first.

Challenging during IT recruitment

It cannot be denied that most organizations propose complex, time-consuming trial tasks at many stages of a single recruitment. The point is, that a good recruiter doesn’t have to challenge candidates in such an elaborate way.

Top recruiters’ advice is to let people work during the recruitment challenge, as they usually do

By recruiting task, you have to check ability to solve problems under time pressure – it doesn’t matter, if the candidate uses IDE, or Stack Overflow.  The real work doesn’t require typing code on a blackboard, so why the applicant should do it during the hiring process?

The point is to challenge candidates in normal work circumstances and check their skills and problem-solving attitude in the most effective way. Qualified candidates look for a job which suits their knowledge or previous experience, so checking basics or definitions doesn’t bring anything valuable.

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Key takeaways: What to do to succeed in hiring like the best recruiters?

To reach the best results in hiring, especially in the IT industry, you should consider your recruitment strategy:

  • prepare the recruitment stages before it starts
  • create excellent job offer
  • share ads on proven online job boards
  • insert automation tools
  • remember about proper communication
  • challenge candidates in adequate way

If you feel, you have already done everything you could, the employer brand is strong, and still have troubles with hiring in your company, it’s time to ask for help the IT Talent Acquisition Agency. Top HR & IT experts will do their best to find top talents for you even in 72 h!

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