If you are looking to hire a Laravel developer, it means you have the task of creating a web application. When it comes to the hiring process, you can make inevitable mistakes, and as a result, you end up hiring a candidate who fails to provide you with the expected results. Therefore, in today’s write-up, we will guide you on how to hire dedicated developers easily.

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What is Laravel?

Laravel is a well-praised website app framework with eloquent and stylish syntax. Website framework offers a starting point and structure for developing applications by letting you focus on designing something stunning.

 What is Laravel?

What Does A Laravel Developer Do? Roles & Responsibilities

Like other developers, Laravel programmers have multiple roles and responsibilities based on their expertise level. The key roles and responsibilities of a Laravel engineer are mentioned below.

Laravel programmers use the Laravel framework to create, test, and manage web-based apps. They also collaborate with other teams to develop, design, and apply software solutions. 

Additionally, they write well-documented, efficient, and clear code. From conception to delivery and post-launch management, the whole web application development cycle is managed and implemented by Laravel engineers.

Laravel developer roles and responsibilities

They also troubleshoot and debug issues related to software. Laravel developers are also responsible for using back-end data services and maintaining the current data services API growth.

A Laravel engineer is also accountable for development methods, architecture, and other information. A well-experienced Laravel programmer also plays the role of communicating effectively for evaluation, project updates, schedules, suggestions, and procedural as well as technical challenges.

What is Laravel Used for?

Laravel is mainly used for developing PHP-based extensible web applications and websites at scale. Laravel is used to save time while writing the code because writing code from scratch could take so long. Therefore, the Laravel framework is perfect for creating websites and apps.

Why Use Laravel: Advantages of Laravel Over Others

The use of Laravel is expanding greatly because it offers valuable multiple features compared to other frameworks. The advantages of Laravel over other frameworks are many, as it is simple and quick to use. Also, Laravel has advanced security features and boosts your website speed, making it the number one choice of web developers. Additionally, Laravel is much more flexible as it has pre-installed libraries, making it easy to create website features without hassle.

Key Skills to Look Out for When Hiring Laravel Developers

Hiring Laravel programmers is a challenging task, especially for those with no experience in the tech field. Therefore, when you are ready to hire a dedicated Laravel developer for your organization, remember to look out for the following skills in Laravel engineer.

1. Technical Skills

Laravel engineers must understand essential website technologies like Programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. A Laravel programmer should also be an expert in MVC and OOP because these are considered the base of Laravel.

MVC (Model-View-Controller) is a software architectural pattern that separates an application into three interconnected components: the model, responsible for managing data and business logic; the view, responsible for rendering the user interface; and the controller, responsible for handling user input and updating the model and view accordingly.
OOP (Object Oriented Programming) is a programming paradigm centered around the concept of “objects,” which encapsulate data and behavior, promoting modularity, reusability, and flexibility in software development.

Laravel developers should also be experts in database management, which means they must understand how to use data and maintain database structure. Experience with project management frameworks is also an essential skill you should look for in a Laravel engineer because it enables the Laravel programmer to collaborate with teammates while developing your next task. 

Knowledge of the latest updates and understanding of APIs is also vital for a Laravel programmer because framework versions are often updated.

2. Communication Skills

Communication skills assist the programmer to work efficiently in a team and deliver their ideas to others effectively. Therefore, a Laravel developer should be skilled in communication to provide quality results to the organization.

Team Player

A Laravel engineer should be a team player who can easily manage complex projects while collaborating with other team members. 

Hire Laravel developer

3. Problem-solving and Creative Thinking

Website programming is challenging because it requires creative thinking to design a unique website; therefore, a programmer should be able to think creatively. Along with this, developers must also be masterminds when solving project-related problems.

4. Confidence and Decision-Making

Laravel developer skills also include confidence and decision-making ability because these abilities help the Laravel engineers to show positive performance in the company while handling all projects and boosting company success.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Hiring Laravel Developers

You should avoid typical mistakes while hiring a Laravel engineer, as it will help you get a well-experienced programmer for your organization.

1. Neglecting Technical Assessment

Technical assessment will help you see if the candidate has the required skill set and if you have them at the level you want in your organization. Therefore, you should pay attention to technical assessment.

2. Ignoring Laravel-Specific Knowledge

Another typical mistake you should avoid is ignoring Laravel-specific knowledge. As you are hiring a candidate for a Laravel developer position, you should hire one with expertise and a proper understanding of Laravel.

3. Overlooking Communication Skills

Although the communication skills of your company team are vital, hyping communication skills could result in losing gems in Laravel development.

4. Not Checking for Experience

Experience improves a person’s understanding and knowledge in a particular field; therefore, a Laravel developer with more experience could bring more significant results to your table. For this reason, you should check for the knowledge and experience of the candidate.

5. Rushing the Hiring Process

Hurrying the hiring process will only damage your company; therefore, give proper time to the hiring process to avoid any problems in the future.

How to Hire a Laravel Developer: Choosing the Perfect Candidate

Choosing the ideal Laravel programmer could be daunting, but let us help you. Follow the following steps to hire a Laravel web developer.

1. Define Project Scope, Budget, and Timeframe

First, you must define the project scope, the budget required to complete the task, and the overall project time. This will help you to decide whether you can afford a high-budget developer easily or not. Also, it will help you determine if you need the task to be completed on an urgent basis or not.

2. Create an Ideal Candidate Profile

Hiring becomes hassle-free when you create a perfect candidate profile by finding relevant qualities in a Laravel engineer.

3. Prepare a Comprehensive Job Description

Create a thorough job description based on company expectations and project requirements to shortlist candidates who match the job requirements easily.

4. Consider Technical and Soft Skills

While hiring Laravel programmers, consider technical and soft skills to check whether the candidate is ready to work on your project flexibly. 

5. Evaluate Candidates Based on Project Needs

Among all the candidates, choose one with all the characters and skills you think are essential for your project completion.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Laravel Programmer?

The budget to hire a Laravel developer depends on factors such as region, expertise, project complexity, etc. Based on region, the cost of hiring a Laravel engineer is listed in the table below.

RegionPer Hour Cost
Europe $40-$80
North America $50-$100
Asia $20-$60
South America $15-$40
Africa $10-$30

Best Models for Hiring Laravel Developers

You can consider the three best models when hiring a Laravel expert.

1. In-House


In-house Laravel engineer works exclusively for your company.


  • Better integration with the company
  • Entirely dedicated to your projects 


  • Costly
  • Less flexibility

2. Freelance 


Freelance Laravel programmer works on a project basis and works remotely.


  • Less costly
  • Expert in a specific niche 


  • Often communication issues
  • Quality inconsistency

3. Outsourcing


In outsourcing, you hire a particular company to handle all your projects.


  • Cost-effective
  • Access to the talent pool


  • Quality control is challenging
  • Coordination challenges

Hire Offshore Laravel Developers

Most companies are now focusing on hiring offshore developers because of the multiple benefits they get, such as quality work and cost-effectiveness. 

Offshore Laravel programmer

Why Hire Laravel Developers from Poland/Ukraine?

The tech field in Poland and Ukraine is increasing. As a result, more IT professionals are now available in these countries compared to other parts of the world. Let’s see why hiring Laravel developers from these countries is the best decision you could ever make.

1. Cost-Effective Talent

Laravel engineers in Poland and Ukraine have a proper understanding of their respective skills and keep themselves updated with the latest updates in the field. The good thing for you is that developers from both these countries cost less and offer quality work.

2. English Proficiency

Laravel programmers are proficient in English; thus, you can avoid facing communication barriers by hiring a Laravel engineer from Poland and Ukraine.

3. Time Zone Compatibility

The compatibility of Ukraine and Poland’s time zones with other countries boosts productivity, collaboration, and effective communication.

4. Strong Laravel Community

Hire offshore Laravel developers from Ukraine or Poland because there is a strong Laravel community in both countries, which ensures you hand over your project in safe hands.

5. Access to a Diverse Talent Pool

Poland and Ukraine have substantial talent pools, especially in technology, which lets you quickly find the perfect candidate for your organisation.

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