JavaScript is a programming language that helps in creating interactive web pages which serve both client and server sides. 

Its responsive and interactive capability is why 98.8% of all websites in the internet use JavaScript. 

This article provides insights and strategies to hire JavaScript Developers and explores the potential of Poland and Ukraine for finding such talents. 

What Is a JavaScript Developer?

A JavaScript Developer helps in creating the interactive and visual elements for web applications and mobile apps. 

What Does a JavaScript Developer Do? Roles & Responsibilities

The key roles of a JavaScript Developer include Web Development, System Maintenance, and Support. 

Some of the JavaScript Developer responsibilities include:

  • Writing clean and scalable code
  • Creating modern and responsive layouts based on the design team
  • Developing new features and enhancing existing ones
  • Implementing bug fixes for code
  • Analyzing system hazards and implement recommended solutions
  • Collaborating with other team members and stakeholders

Which JavaScript Developers to Hire

The JavaScript Developer roles and responsibilities can vary depending on the type of JavaScript Developer who is hired. 

Front-end JavaScript Developer

These Developers focus on building the client-side for applications with their main job being in creating attractive and functional pages. They help in creating user-facing elements such as buttons, dropdown menus, and autocomplete forms. 

If there is already an existing back-end developer in the team, consider a front-end JavaScript developer who focuses on creating user interfaces. 

Back-end JavaScript Developer

Back-end JavaScript Developers focus more on the server-side to help the application function well. They focus more on the server and database to write code which helps to continue running an application. 

For the back-end, the developer needs sound knowledge of Node.js, APIs, and connecting to the front-end. 

Full-Stack JavaScript Developer

Such Developers can develop both the front-end and the back-end because of which only one developer could be sufficient for the project. 

Full-Stack JavaScript developers are a good option for projects that are in an early phase and need a fully functioning minimum viable product. 

Chris Heilmann said: "Java is to JavaScript what car is to carpet."
Chris Heilmann said: “Java is to JavaScript what car is to carpet.”

Benefits and Importance of JavaScript in Web Development

Following are the benefits of JavaScript for web development. 

1. Speed and Efficiency

Since JavaScript helps with logic execution on the client-side, it helps to reduce the server calls and improve loading times. Furthermore, its asynchronous nature allows it to work in the background without disturbing user interactions.

2. Enhanced Interactivity

The use of popular frameworks such as Vue.js helps to enhance the user experience and add interactivity to web interfaces. 

3. Responsive Design

Creating responsive web designs that work seamlessly across different browsers and devices is a key reason for the importance of Javascript in web development. 

4. Accessibility for Developers

The ease of learning with its flexible syntax makes it beginner friendly. Additionally, it simplifies complex application development with its many frameworks and packages. 

5. Community and Popularity

The vast pool of resources and solutions that are available for most JavaScript problems has made it popular among Developers. 

Key Skills to Look Out for When Hiring JavaScript Developers

Assessing the skills of JavaScript Developers is a core part of the hiring process. Missing out on evaluating the essential set of capabilities can often result in making the wrong hire. Here are some key JavaScript Developer skills to assess

Technical Skills

The main foundation of a successful Developer is in their technical skills that enable them scalable and efficient web applications. Some of the major technical skills to assess include

1. JavaScript Proficiency

The primary skill is proficiency in JavaScript which will help for client-side programming and creating responsive web pages. Expertise in JavaScript helps to implement cutting-edge features and functionalities for a seamless user experience. 

2. HTML and CSS Knowledge

HTML and CSS are essential skills for JavaScript Developers since they help to define the style, structure, and layout of the entire website. For instance, a website’s navigation bar, interactive buttons, and menus are designed using these skills. 

3. Algorithms and Data Structures

Organizing data using the right algorithms and data structures help in solving specific issues while programming. This includes optimizing data retrieval, storage, and manipulation which leads to improved application performance and a responsive software solution.

4. DOM Manipulation

Document Object Model (DOM) provides a programming interface that helps in structuring any document on the web. By manipulating the DOM, Developers can alter the content that users see based on their preferences. 

5. Source Control (Git, Mercurial, SVN)

Today, source control is a key part of software development. Version control tools and concept such as Git, Mercurial, and SVN help in collaboration with team members and monitoring any changes to the code. 

6. Testing and Debugging

The JavaScript Developer skill set also requires a thorough understanding of testing bugs before they become problematic and knowing effective debugging techniques to solve them. 

7. JavaScript Frameworks

Skilled Developers can identify the right JavaScript frameworks to be used depending on the challenge at hand. Some popular frameworks include Angular, React, Vue.js, and Ember.js. 

8. Web Performance Optimization (WPO)

Slow load times are a user experience killer that can be solved using optimization techniques and automating tools. Thus, for higher user satisfaction and engagement, a JavaScript Developer’s expertise in optimization shouldn’t be overlooked. 

9. Encryption and Cryptography

Its a non-negotiable nowadays to ensure the full safety of sensitive user data that can be protected using encryption algorithms and cryptography techniques. This helps to avoid worst-case scenarios such as a data breach that might damage the company’s reputation. 

10. Basic Design Abilities

As making attractive websites is a key goal, its great for JavaScript Developers to know fundamental design principles, create UI designs and prototypes. 

Non-Technical Skills

Developers harness their full potential through the utilization of soft skills. For instance, during team meetings, while giving presentations, and receiving feedback, it is soft skills that separate effective Developers. 


Software Development is a team effort that requires active listening to understand requirements and concerns as well as the ability to communicate technical ideas clearly. 


Bugs leading to crashes and issues before launch are some examples of problems that arise and need to be solved promptly by Developers through their insights and experience. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring JavaScript Developers

Hire a JavaScript Developer only after considering the following common mistakes in the hiring process. 

1. Focusing Solely on Technical Skills

Only focusing on technical questions during interviews may lead to ignoring other key factors such as their experience and personalities. 

2. Neglecting Soft Skills and Experience

Its important to also assess a candidate’s initiative abilities, critical thinking, and empathy as they directly impact job performance. 

3. Ignoring Collaboration Skills

Having excellent communication skills and the ability to work cooperatively within a team are essential for effective software development. 

4. Not Sharing Business Goals

Check on the alignment of the candidate’s interest with the overall direction including the exact demands of the business. 

5. Neglecting Privacy Concerns

Look for JavaScript developers who are aware of data privacy to meet security standards. Furthermore, assess their know-how of implementing measures such as HTTPS encryption, secure authentication protocols, and adherence to industry-specific compliance regulations.

6. Skipping Reference Checks

Verify the past experiences and attitude of the candidate from references to ensure they were not bluffing on their credentials. 

Chris Heilmann said: “JavaScript is the duct tape of the Internet.”

How to Hire a JavaScript Developer: Choosing the Perfect Candidate

Hire dedicated JavaScript Developers by following the steps below

1. Look for Experience

Understand their past experiences across different employers and projects including their years of experience and level of expertise. Additionally, ask them about some of the most challenging problems they worked on.  

2. Prioritize Communication Skills

The ability to communicate their ideas and project updates helps to clear out expectations and reduces the chance of conflicts. 

3. Evaluate the Portfolio

Focus on candidates who demonstrate a relevant portfolio to the project that the business is focused on. Assess the complexity of the projects they worked on and their direct contribution to its success. 

4. Conduct Skills Testing

Based on the job requirements, consider taking the time to create a comprehensive skills test. This will help to filter out the quality candidates early on in the hiring process. 

5. Consider Open-Source Experience

Open-source projects help to explore new ideas along with ways to optimize existing applications. Hence, a JavaScript developer with such experience can help in exploring innovations. 

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a JavaScript Developer?

The average cost to hire a JavaScript Developer in the U.S. is $106,000 per year while in the U.K. it is around £58,000($70,000) per year. 

More affordable options are Poland with $45,000 per year and Ukraine with $36,000 per year. 

Best Models for Hiring JavaScript Developers

Below are the three best models to hire dedicated JavaScript Developers

1. In-House

In-House JavaScript Developers are full-time employees paid a monthly salary. 


  • Better collaboration over the entire software development lifecycle
  • More control over the project’s development


  • Need to pay monthly wage with benefits
  • Limited Skill diversity

2. Freelance 

Freelancers are contracted for a specific period on a project basis. 


  • Paying per project can save costs
  • Access to wider variety of skills


  • Quality may be hampered if their juggling multiple development projects
  • Synergy among freelancer and the team might take time

3. Outsourcing

Outsourcing firms help to delegate the hiring process by finding the right tech talent. 


  • Business gets to focus on higher value tasks
  • Reduced time to hire


  • Lack of alignment may lead to coordination issues
  • Different working styles might lead to miscommunication

Hiring Remote JavaScript Developers

A remote JavaScript Developer is an excellent option to access skilled tech talents from around the globe at reasonable rates. 

Why Hire JavaScript Developers From Poland Or Ukraine?

Poland and Ukraine are prominent offshore locations to hire remote Javascript Developer because of their high rating for qualified IT talent and pro-Western culture. 

Thus, their high quality plus lower costs in comparison with Western countries has resulted in prominent companies such as Google and IBM searching for these talents. 

This is why Poland, for example, has 60,000 technology companies

Finally, Polish and Ukrainian developers are fluent in English along with an overlapping time zone which makes collaboration much easier. 

"JavaScript is not a barrier to entry for web development; it's the foundation upon which it's built."
“JavaScript is not a barrier to entry for web development; it’s the foundation upon which it’s built.”

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