Hiring PHP developers means making the most of software development professionals who understand how to create various customizable, robust, and scalable applications. But there are more than 6.1 million PHP engineers around the globe, which makes it a daunting task to hire a dedicated PHP developer that fits your organization’s needs. No need to worry because you’ll get complete information about hiring a PHP developer in today’s write-up.

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What is PHP?

PHP is an open-source, widely used scripting language that can be inserted into HTML and specifically used for website development. PHP is much simpler than other programming languages, and its development is mainly focused on server-side scripting.

What is PHP

What Does a PHP Developer Do? Roles & Responsibilities

PHP developers perform multiple tasks in a development cycle. They participate in every stage, from planning to deployment and management. They also have other responsibilities, such as providing technical training to the team.

Hiring PHP developer

Let’s understand PHP developer roles and responsibilities in detail.

Responsibilities of PHP Developer

PHP engineers have a lot of responsibilities. The essential duties of PHP developers include the development and deployment of web-based products by using Ajax, PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL.

They are also accountable for creating backend components, assisting front-end engineers, and connecting apps to website services. They are also responsible for preparing and maintaining apps with the help of standard development tools.

Roles of PHP Developer

1. Development Planner 

PHP programmers have to collect and study the project’s requirements and issues. They have to make a development strategy and set the duration and resource estimates for the task. 

2. Website Creator 

The primary role of a PHP engineer is to create and design websites and to write PHP scripts to develop or alter applications and software.

3. Tester 

PHP developers conduct tests before launching the site to remove any possible errors. This is recommended because it keeps the website secure from inconvenience.

4. Website Management 

It is also the role of a PHP engineer to control post-development management. They have to take responsibility for their code and teamwork. 

5. Offering Training And Support 

As an essential part of the deployment cycle, it is also one of the roles of PHP engineers to manage all aspects of support and training. This may include working with other team members to complete the project efficiently. When required, they are also responsible for providing live assistance.

What is PHP Used for?

PHP is used mainly to script websites that are interactive and dynamic. It is also used for command-line scripting and writing applications for desktops. However, PHP is not considered the ideal language for developing desktop apps. Furthermore, PHP is best at gathering form data, sending and receiving cookies, and encrypting user data. 

Best PHP Frameworks

There are multiple PHP frameworks, each with advantages, making them a top choice for website programmers. Using PHP frameworks saves total cost and also prioritizes maintainability and scalability. Developers use any of these 10 PHP frameworks to make their tasks easier.

1. Laravel

For coding attractive design, Laravel is the perfect choice.

2. Symfony

This is a highly customisable and flexible framework, which makes it the top choice of programmers.

3. Yii 2

It has built-in security features and mainly focuses on rapid development.

4. CakePHP

Among various PHP frameworks, CakePHP is known for extensive documentation, security features, and easy testing capabilities.

5. CodeIgniter

The fifth necessary framework is CodeIgniter, which is fast and lightweight compared to other frameworks.

6. Zend Framework

It is known as Laminas and is famous for its comprehensive documentation, robust security, and customisable components.

7. Phalcon

This framework is famous for its exceptional performance and fewer server resource needs.

8. Slim Framework

It has a minimalistic nature and an intuitive and straightforward API.

9. FuelPHP

This framework has catching mechanisms and high-security features.

10. PHPPixie

Programmers use it because of its ease of use and simplicity.

Why Choose PHP for Web Development: Advantages and Importance 

PHP is one of the most prominent programming languages for website development, but what are the advantages of using PHP in web development? Let’s discuss this in detail.

Choosing PHP for web development

1. Easy to Use

PHP is much easier to use than other programming languages; therefore, those with experience in different programming languages can also easily use PHP.

2. Free and Open Source 

PHP is free to distribute and use. Anyone can download PHP for apps and website building without licensing fees.

3. Platform Independent 

PHP can run on all operating systems, such as Linux, Windows, and macOS.

4. Security

PHP is much more secure against specific web vulnerabilities. Also, a large team of programmers constantly updates the PHP with security patches.

5. Scalable 

PHP can easily control a large volume of traffic without compromising performance. 

6. Versatile

PHP can be used as a versatile language for various website creation projects.

7. Integration 

Integration of PHP can be done with various third-party apps and databases. This makes it handy for PHP developers to develop apps that integrate with existing systems.

Key Skills to Look Out for When Hiring PHP Developers 

A web developer can utilize PHP developer skills to use PHP in writing code for apps. Let’s discuss these skills in detail.

1. Technical Skills

Technical skills are a set of expertise a PHP programmer understands completely.

  • CSS, HTML, and JavaScript

These are the languages used by developers to create web pages. A PHP developer must understand how programming languages work together on websites.

  • Knowledge of PHP Frameworks

Understanding frameworks can boost your accuracy and productivity during coding.

  • Database Management

PHP programmers commonly use PHP for developing, updating, and managing databases. Therefore, expertise in using database languages can assist programmers in performing tasks successfully.

  • Web Server Understanding

Expertise in web servers can assist PHP programmers in serving employees with an excellent approach to website creation.

  • Content Management Systems

Understanding and knowledge of CMS ( Content Management Systems) can assist programmers in building and managing customized apps and responsive plug-ins.

  • Graphic Design Tools

Sometimes, PHP developers use graphic design software to develop graphics for websites and apps. Therefore, PHP programmers should know how to use visual design tools effectively.

2. Communication Skill

Communication skills are one of the most important skills because they prove very helpful in completing projects at work. Verbal communication skills let you state your objectives with a proper tone. Written communication skills can assist you in phrasing knowledge meaningfully in chat messages and emails with colleagues.

3. Problem-Solving Skill

 A PHP programmer expert in problem-solving skills can quickly troubleshoot code errors and confirm an app or website remains in working order.

4. Collaboration

Many PHP developers have to work with a team to complete a project; therefore, a PHP programmer should understand how to collaborate with teams and other professionals.

5. Project Management

PHP engineers should be skilled in project management because this helps them to track and complete PHP tasks on time.

5 Typical Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring PHP Developers

Hiring a professional for your company is a very crucial step. You must avoid common mistakes when hiring a PHP engineer because you have to find one who understands your requirements and delivers the best possible results.

1. Neglecting Soft Skills

You need to pay more attention to soft skills in PHP development to get your desired results. A person requires good communication, problem-solving ability, and teamwork to play a vital role in company development.

2. Ignoring PHP Framework Knowledge

How a PHP developer with no understanding of the PHP framework could be helpful to your organization? Therefore, you must confirm that the PHP engineer you’re hiring also has an in-depth knowledge of the PHP framework.

3. Underestimating Database Skills

Ignoring database skills in a PHP engineer can result in multiple limitations and challenges while developing efficient and robust website applications. considered the backbone for manipulating, retrieving, and storing data in website apps. Therefore, you must consider database skills to avoid security and scalability issues.

4. Lack of Testing and Evaluation

Hiring companies can face negative consequences if they ignore testing and evaluation during the hiring process. Neglecting testing and assessment can impact the overall quality of your organization’s development team and projects. 

5. Ignoring Cultural Fit

Along with technical and soft skills, a PHP programmer should also be able to work in a harmonious environment with other team members. Paying attention to cultural fit can avoid friction within the organization team, resulting in a less cohesive operational environment and less productivity. 

How to Hire a PHP Developer: Choosing the Perfect Candidate

You now understand which mistakes you should avoid while hiring a PHP engineer. Now, let’s learn in detail how to hire PHP developers.

Hiring PHP developers 2024

1. Craft Unique Interview Questions

The first and foremost thing you should consider before hiring a PHP programmer is to craft interview questions related to the PHP developer’s knowledge and skill sets. Keep in mind your company requirements while preparing the questions, as this will help you understand which type of PHP engineer would perfectly fit your organization.

2. Explore Past Project Experience

Exploring the past projects of candidates who applied for the PHP programmer position at your organization could help you understand their expertise, capabilities, and suitability for the PHP programmer role. 

3. Assess Knowledge and Learning Abilities

Assessing candidates’ learning abilities and knowledge during the hiring process can ensure that candidates possess the capacity to grow, adapt, and contribute effectively to the organization’s success, along with technical and soft skills.

4. Evaluate Communication Proficiency

Strong communication skills enable programmers to collaborate with teammates and articulate their ideas effectively. Therefore, companies must evaluate the communication efficiency of a candidate before hiring.

5. Consider Attitude and Soft Skills

Considering attitude and soft skills while choosing the perfect candidate for the PHP programmer position at your organization is crucial because a PHP engineer’s attitude and soft skills can foster innovation, boost productivity, and contribute to better team dynamics in your company.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a PHP Developer? 

The cost of hiring PHP developers mainly depends on the model you prefer, like whether you are hiring a freelance PHP programmer, in-house, or outsourcing your work. However, the cost of hiring a PHP engineer also depends on the country. In Germany, a PHP programmer earns $19.21 per hour, whereas in the USA, the average earnings of a PHP programmer is $24.71 per hour.

Hiring a PHP engineer from America or Canada will cost you much more, whereas hiring from Western Europe will cost you moderately. Suppose you hire PHP engineers from Eastern European countries like Poland or Ukraine. In that case, one should prefer East European countries because you can get quality work at a budget-friendly rate from PHP developers from these countries.

Best Models for Hiring PHP Developers 

1. In-House


In-house PHP programmers are full-time employees at a company that work directly within your company infrastructure.


  • Better integration with other team members
  • In-depth understanding of company goals 


  • More expensive
  • Sometimes, it isn’t easy to find the perfect candidate easily 

2. Freelance 


Freelance PHP engineers are hired on a project basis and primarily work remotely.


  • Cost-effective
  • Possess specialised skills


  • Communication can be challenging
  • Quality of work may vary

3. Outsourcing


It involves hiring a third-party team or company, mainly offshore, to complete PHP development projects. They are responsible for delivering project results within agreed-upon budgets and timelines.


  • Cost saving
  • Specialised resources and expertise 


  • Time zone challenges can occur
  • Quality control is challenging 

Hire Offshore PHP Developers

Hiring offshore PHP developers is cost-saving, offers more flexibility and scalability, and advances project timelines, ultimately boosting business success and growth.

Why Hire PHP Developers from Poland/Ukraine?

Although you can hire developers from anywhere worldwide, Poland and Ukraine are gaining top positions in IT growth, resulting in more IT professionals. Let’s see why you should hire dedicated PHP developers from Ukraine or Poland.

1. Cost-effectiveness

PHP engineers from Poland and Ukraine offer top-quality services, but their rates are very competitive compared to North America or Western Europe. 

2. Growing IT Industry

IT industries in Ukraine and Poland are rapidly growing, supported by a robust ecosystem of tech universities, companies, and training programs. This results in the presence of top IT talent in both these countries.

3. Top Quality Talent

Ukraine and Poland are known for their exceptionally skilled IT experts, including PHP programmers. Most engineers from both countries possess solid educational backgrounds, strong technical skills, and a commitment to quality, making them a top choice for companies around the globe.

4. Understanding of Foreign Language

Most PHP engineers in Ukraine and Poland are proficient in English, which ensures effective communication between offshore developers and your organisation.

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