In 2023, Apple surpassed over 2 billion active devices with the apps in these devices all being run iOS natively. Such a strategy has led to a massive demand for iOS Developers who are integral in developing these applications. 

This article provides insights to hire iOS Developers and shows the potential of hiring these talents from emerging tech destinations such as Poland and Ukraine. 

What Is an iOS Developer?

iOS Developers design and create applications for Apple’s iOS operating software. They focus on designing, testing, maintaining the code, and providing user support. 

What Does an iOS Developer Do? Roles & Responsibilities

Here are the key iOS Developer roles and responsibilities: 

  • Understanding user requirements and designing the application
  • Writing high-quality code to build the application
  • Identifying and resolving any bugs
  • Defining app features together with the design team
  • Publishing the application to the App Store
  • Supporting development team members for successful project completion
  • Recommending improvements for future development

Benefits of iOS App Development

Apple has been at the forefront of digital innovation which has made it a brand leader in mobile technology too. Some of the key benefits of iOS App Development include:

1. Lucrative Market

iOS app development targets a highly profitable market driven by Apple’s substantial revenue and the affluent iPhone user base.

2. Enhanced User Experience

Skilled iOS App Developers can create apps that improve customer satisfaction. This helps to build long-term user loyalty which is crucial for maintaining business profitability. 

3. Cross-Platform Compatibility

Many iOS Developers can create apps that work on both iOS and Android devices, maximizing reach. This enables businesses to seamlessly deploy applications across diverse mobile ecosystems. 

4. Better Security

iOS apps typically offer robust security measures, safeguarding user data and transactions. For instance, iOS apps utilize features like App Transport Security (ATS) and a strict app review process. 

5. Access to an Affluent User Base

Targeting iOS users provides access to a demographic with higher disposable income, potentially boosting revenue opportunities.

In the realm of ones and zeros, an iOS developer crafts masterpieces for the mobile generation

Key Skills to Look Out for When Hiring iOS Developers

Hiring an iOS Developer involves assessing a detailed set of both technical skills and soft skills.  Here are the major iOS Developer skills to assess:

Technical Skills

1. Knowledge of Swift and Objective-C

Swift is among the main iOS Developer technical skills as it is the programming language developed by Apple for building iOS applications. 

Similarly, Objective-C is an object-oriented programming language that is the primary language when writing software for OS X and iOS. 

2. Xcode IDE

Xcode helps to create applications through its code editor which is part of an integrated development environment IDE. Consider asking candidates questions on tools within Xcode such as text editor, compiler, and source code checker.

3. UI and UX design

The user interface(UI) of an app determines how excellent the user experience is. Thus, the iOS Developer skill set needs to have UI and UX design too to ensure they build apps with the best product design principles. 

4. JSON and Core Data

JSON helps to send and receive data through networks while knowledge of core data helps users to store their progress within the Apple devices. 

5. Debugging and Fixing Errors

As bugs and errors are common during development, learning how to fix them is among the key skills needed for iOS Developers. Incorporate solving software bugs during the coding assessment to test debugging skills. 

6. Human Interface and Design Guidelines

Apple has provided a set of human interface and design guidelines that help to create intuitive and highly functional applications. Test an understanding of these guidelines by asking scenario-based questions. 

7. Security and Testing

iOS Developers also need to be adept with security and testing since data protection is among the most critical factors for users. Some of the skills to assess are experience implementing encryption protocols, conducting thorough penetration testing, and adherence to Apple’s App Store guidelines.

Soft Skills

1. Communication Skills

92% of companies believe that human capabilities matter as much as hard skills today. The most important of such capabilities is communication skills that help Developers to express their ideas and concerns with clarity. 

2. Time Management Skills

The ability to prioritize high-value tasks in a fast-paced environment enables productive work. For instance, such an iOS Developer can deliver a set of crucial features in a relatively short period. 

3. Problem-Solving Skills

Bugs and challenges come up in every part of the development process for which the ability to find root causes and develop effective solutions is key. 

4. Teamwork

Having a helpful approach along with the attitude that teamwork is crucial for success is important to gauge in a Developer. 

The ideal skills and experiences that are expected from iOS Developers based on their seniority level are as follows

Ideal Skills and Experience of a Junior iOS Developer 

  • Entry-level with limited experience
  • Basic knowledge of iOS and related frameworks
  • Typically educated through universities, boot camps, or courses
  • Assists senior developers and handles smaller tasks
  • Not suitable for high-pressure projects
  • Best suited for learning and growth within an in-house team

Ideal Skills and Experience of a Middle iOS Developer 

  • 2-4 years of iOS development experience
  • Can manage projects independently
  • Proficient in Swift and Objective-C
  • Familiar with Core Data, SQLite, and offline caching
  • Competent in concurrency and asynchronous programming
  • Experienced with Core Location, store kit, map kit, and push notifications
  • Understands app signing and App Store deployment

Ideal Skills and Experience of a Senior iOS Developer 

  • Over five years of professional iOS development
  • Strong leadership and organizational skills
  • Handles complex tasks, code reviews, and architectural decisions
  • Mentors and advises junior and middle developers
  • Creates technical documentation and development standards
  • Contributes to hiring and team management
  • Participates in job interviews and defines workflows

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring iOS Developers

Many businesses make the mistake of rushing through the hiring process that often leads to several pitfalls and the wrong hire. Here are some common mistakes that need to be avoided to hire iOS App Developers

1. Focusing Too Much on Technical Skills

Only focusing on technical skills may leave out factors such as attitude, teamwork, and motivation. As software development is a collaborative process, these factors are equally important. 

2. Ignoring Soft Skills

An iOS Developer’s role goes beyond only coding as they also need to work in a team environment that requires empathy, communication skills, and time management. 

3. Focusing Too Much on Certifications

Certifications should be viewed as a good to have but it is more important that the candidate has a proven track record. 

4. Not Checking References

It is a good practice to check references to ensure that candidates are not bluffing about their credentials. It also provides a first-hand insight into the candidate’s actual ability. 

5. Not Testing Technical Skills

Conduct a technical interview that assesses important technical skills through case studies and take-home assignments. Additionally, ensure there is a standardized way to assess the assessment results. 

6. Not Considering Cultural Fit

A mismatch of values may lead to difficulty working with the Developer and complaints from team members. For instance, different working styles can lead to difficulty communicating with the Developer. 

Crafting digital dreams into reality: The passion and precision of an iOS developer
Crafting digital dreams into reality: The passion and precision of an iOS developer

How to Hire an iOS Developer: Choosing the Perfect Candidate

To ensure that mistakes are avoided in the hiring process, a streamlined procedure is needed. It is recommended to follow the process below to hire dedicated iOS Developers

1. Define Your Project Needs

By defining the specific requirements including what features need to be developed and the complexity level, businesses can identify what kind of iOS Developers they need. 

2. Choose the Best Hiring Options

Based on the defined project needs, choose the best hiring option including choosing a recruiting firm for hiring the talent, hiring in-house, or choosing a freelancer. 

3. Consider the iOS Developer’s Skills

Make sure that the Developer possesses the specific skill sets needed for the project which includes both the technical skills and the soft skills. Don’t underestimate the value of soft skills to technical skills. 

4. Consider the Experience

Look into their experience to identify whether they fit a role in a junior, middle, or senior position. Also, consider the major challenges they tackled in their previous role. 

5. Check the Developer’s Portfolio

Assessing the Developer’s portfolio is considered one of the most important parts of the hiring process. Review the quality of their code, functionality, and design of their past projects. 

6. Assess the Cultural Fit

Ask questions regarding their personality and their approach to work. Also, clear out expectations regarding the kind of values the business stands for to ensure there is a fit. 

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an iOS Developer?

The iOS Developer cost in the U.S. is $101,000 per year while in the U.K. it is $70,000 per year. 

Such iOS App development costs are more reasonable in Poland and Ukraine. In Poland, the average salary is $43,000 per year and in Ukraine, it is $36,000 per year. 

Best Models for Hiring iOS Developers

The three best models to hire iOS Developers are:

1. In-House

In-house means to hire iOS App Developers as full-time employees within the company. 


  • They can become an integrated team member who takes part in the complete Software Development Life Cycle 
  • Such talents will be able to focus their full attention on the project


  • Longer talent acquisition process which can take months
  • Higher costs associated with monthly salary and benefits

2. Freelance 

Freelancers work on projects independently by specializing in certain skill sets. 


  • Lower costs as the payment is on a project basis
  • Access to skills that are not within the current team


  • Consistent in quality may be hampered as they juggle multiple clients
  • Communication challenges can come up leading to a mismatch in expectations

3. Outsourcing

Outsourcing means that a third-party firm helps to take care of the recruiting process to hire dedicated iOS Developers.  


  • Faster recruiting process because of their expertise in hiring tech talents
  • Business can focus on more strategic activities


  • Lack of proper talent requirements understanding may lead to a mismatch in talent suggested
  • Communication and Coordination challenges can occur

Hiring Remote iOS Developers

A remote iOS Developer may be an ideal option for companies who want to explore excellent talents from around the world. 

With benefits such as more affordable costs and a broader set of skills, it is the right time to hire remote iOS Developers. 

Why Hire iOS Developers from Poland or Ukraine?

hire talent
Countries like Poland and Ukraine, with their rich pool of tech talent, have become invaluable partners in this global collaboration

The rise of hiring talents remotely has made Poland and Ukraine the top destinations to hire iOS Developers. There are several factors that have led to this including:

1. High-quality

iOS developers from Poland or Ukraine offer top-notch skills and expertise in app development. This is why companies such as Google, IBM, and Amazon have chosen talent from these countries. 

2. Rich talent pool

Both countries boast a deep talent pool of skilled iOS developers with diverse experience which is a result of the strong tech ecosystem that has developed over the years. 

3. Cutting the costs

Hiring iOS developers from Poland or Ukraine can be cost-effective compared to many Western countries helping minimize operational costs. 

4. Cultural similarities

Similar work ethics and cultural values make communication and collaboration smoother. This helps for quicker understanding of the client’s needs as well. 

5. High-quality technical education

Developers from these regions often have strong educational backgrounds in technical fields with there being very high literacy rates in both Poland and Ukraine. 

6. Convenient location and time zone

Proximity to European clients and favorable time zones simplifies project management and makes it feasible for real-time collaboration. 

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