With time, the demand for user interfaces is increasing because of more internet usage by people around the globe. This means more demand for front-end developers. Although the demand for front-end programmers is high, the number of frontend programmers is also significant, making it a challenging task for companies to hire frontend developers easily.

In today’s write-up, you’ll learn everything you need to understand when hiring a front-end developer. 

What is Frontend Development?

Front end development refers to building the graphical user interface of web and apps using JavaScript, HTML and CSS so end users can view websites. When we visit a website and see the design elements, they are actually created by front-end engineers.

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What Does a Frontend Developer Do? Roles & Responsibilities

Frontend developers’ roles and responsibilities are not limited; they have multiple roles and responsibilities because they are accountable for developing the front part of websites used by clients daily.

Frontend Developer Roles

The roles of a front end programmer include advancing user experience, designing and managing the user interface of a website, and developing tools that boost website interaction on multiple browsers.

Other typical roles of front-end engineers are fixing issues and testing for usability while following the best SEO practices and executing design on mobile websites. They also use programming languages to maintain software workflow and bring concepts to life. 

Often Frontend engineers are responsible for building exhaustive design systems.

Frontend Developer Responsibilities

A front-end programmer has various day-to-day responsibilities, but a front-end engineer’s primary responsibility is ensuring website users can interact with web pages easily. 

Additionally, front end engineers are accountable for advancing apps for maximum speed and managing and enhancing websites to make the web and app user-friendly. They are also responsible for ensuring brand consistency and best-quality graphic standards, developing high-quality prototypes and mockups, and writing functional requirements guides and documents.

Front-end programmers are also accountable for getting user feedback, developing solutions, and collaborating with back-end engineers and website designers to enhance usability.

Tools for Frontend Development

Front end engineers use multiple tools to complete their projects efficiently. These front-end developer tools are listed below.

1. Libraries and Frameworks

Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, Sass, React, Angular and Next.js are standard libraries and frameworks front-end engineers use.

2. Design Tools and Resources

Shared resources and design tools used by front end programmers are LottieFiles, Google Fonts, Figma, Coolors and Neumorphism.

3. Other Frontend Development Tools

Other typical front-end development tools front-end programmers use include VS Code, Git and GitHub, Chrome DevTools, React Developer Tools, FlyCode, PageSpeed Insights, Responsively, Grunt and Codepen.

Why is Frontend Development Important?

The importance of front-end development is immense as it is used to design and structure websites to appear transparent, robust, and attractive. Also, front end development makes the user journey easier, simpler, and more convenient across your site.

Front end development also enhances user retention on the website and boosts the performance of your business. Best front end development also upholds the principles of honesty, faith and trustworthiness and increases your brand awareness. 

Frontend Development Process

The frontend development process consists of three primary tasks which occur in front end:

  1. Gather information that the user needs from the back end and then translate that information from the backend language to the particular operating system language in which it will appear to the end user.
  2. Arrange the details on the screen.
  3. Give it an elegant appearance. 

Key Skills to Look Out for When Hiring Frontend Developers 

There are multiple skills a front-end developer should be an expert in. These skills help do the job more efficiently. Let us understand these skills in detail.

1. Technical Skills

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the cornerstones of website creation, as CSS is used to style the visual appearance of a website, HTML is used to structure a website, and JavaScript makes the website interactive. Therefore, a front end engineer should be an expert in JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

Expertise in TypeScript, frameworks and libraries is also vital as TypeScript lets the front end programmer write JavaScript the way you want. In contrast, frameworks help display simple and highly optimized website content and create user interfaces, and libraries are used to make websites faster.

A front-end engineer should specialize in other vital technical skills, including CSS preprocessors, Responsive design, Cross-Browser compatibility, Version control, Testing and debugging, Command line and web performance.

2. Creativity

Frontend developer soft skills include creativity, as front end programmers play a vital role in the implementation and production of a site. Therefore, the ability to think creatively is important for front-end engineers to get the vision offered by web designers or UX/UI, as there are specific correct ways to design a stunning and functional front.

3. Teamwork

Frontend engineers must also be experts in performing well with other team members and communicating well with clients while collaborating with the project team because teamwork is essential to front-end engineering projects.

4. Problem-Solving

Skills for frontend developers also include problem-solving ability because front end programmers are accountable for fixing issues. Therefore, a front end engineer should be a problem solver to participate effectively in a company’s success.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Frontend Developers 

Most often, companies make inevitable common mistakes that result in hiring a candidate that does not fit your company; therefore, you must avoid the below-listed mistakes to bring the right talent on board.

Frontend development process

1. Neglecting Soft Skills

Along with technical skills, soft skills like collaboration, communication, problem-solving, teamwork, and adaptability are essential to succeed in a collaborative work environment; therefore, you should always pay attention to soft skills in candidates.

2. Ignoring Real-world Project Assessment

More than coding tests and theoretical knowledge evaluate candidates on the basis of their experience with real-world projects, such as working within deadlines, tackling risks, and actively working with other teammates.

3. Overlooking Cross-browser and Responsive Design Expertise

Front end engineers must have expertise in developing apps and websites that function seamlessly across various devices and browsers. Therefore, ensure the candidate is proficient in cross-browser and responsive design techniques.

4. Not Considering Version Control Proficiency

Version control like Git is essential for collaborative development workflow; therefore, you should ensure candidates are experts in using version control systems to maintain code effectively while tracking changes.

5. Discounting Web Performance Optimization Skills

Performance optimization is vital for offering a fast and efficient website experience; therefore, look for a candidate who is an expert in optimizing website performance.

How to Hire a Frontend Developer: Choosing the Perfect Candidate

Choosing the best talent for your organization is crucial for bringing a great addition to your team. To hire dedicated frontend developers for your company, follow these eight steps.

1. Identify Required Languages

The initial step is determining the needed programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This will help you choose candidates who are proficient in their respective languages.

2. Consider Additional Languages

A front end programmer should also be an expert in React, Elm, Angular, or Swift because these are often used to complete most projects.

3. Hiring Needs

While hiring a frontend programmer, you should also decide between remote, in-house or outsourcing programmers while considering cost and flexibility.

4. Senior vs. Junior

Choose between experienced senior or budget-friendly junior engineers based on your project needs.

5. Company Fit

Assess candidates’ self-motivation, organization, and dedication during the hiring process because these qualities boost the efficiency of a company.

6. Analyze Skills

Assess soft skills such as communication, collaboration, teamwork, and collaboration and hard skills like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to clearly understand candidates’ expertise in each skill.

7. Transparency

Be clear about project status and expectations to avoid misunderstandings during hiring to ensure you get the perfect match for your organization.

8. Define Responsibilities

Clearly define the responsibilities of frontend programmers in your organization so that it will be easy for you to determine which candidate will be able to perform all those responsibilities efficiently during the hiring process.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Frontend Developer?

The cost of hiring front end engineers varies depending on job type, region, level of seniority and skills. However, the average salary of front end engineers in East European countries like Ukraine and Poland is much lower than in the US, Canada and Australia.

Cost of hiring frontend developer

The remote front end programmer has an annual salary of $47,024 in Ukraine; in the US, the average yearly salary is around $67,921. In Australia, a remote front-end programmer has an annual salary of $64,420; in Canada, it is $58,029.

Best Models for Hiring Frontend Developers

There are three main models when it comes to hiring front-end programmers. These models are explained below in detail.

1. In-House


In-house front-end programmers work directly and exclusively within your company on your projects.


  • Long-term commitment to the company
  • Solely focused on your projects


  • Higher cost
  • Recruitment difficulty

2. Freelance 


Freelance front end engineers work on the basis of projects, and primarily, they work remotely.


  • Lower rates
  • Possess specialized skills


  • Communication challenges
  • Quality variability

3. Outsourcing


Outsourcing involves handing over your projects to an external company or agency for completion.


  • Cost-effective
  • Easy access to specialized skills


  • Security concerns
  • Communication challenges 

Hire Offshore Frontend Developers

Hiring offshore frontend engineers offers you a bundle of advantages at a low cost, such as getting high-quality work within the deadline. Additionally, offshore front-end programmers provide flexibility and scalability to your company.

Why Hire Frontend Developers From Poland/Ukraine?

Poland and Ukraine are gaining significant positions in the IT industry because more IT professionals are available in Poland and Ukraine than in any other country. Let’s see why you should hire a frontend developer from Poland or Ukraine.

1. High Skill Levels

Front end programmers in Poland and Ukraine possess exceptional front-end development skills, which is helpful for your company as it makes it easier for front end engineers to complete projects successfully.

2. Cost-Effective

Front end developers from Ukraine and Poland offer high-quality work at Competitive prices.

3. Time Zone Compatibility

Convenient real-time communication is possible with front-end developers from Poland and Ukraine.

4. English Proficiency

Being fluent in English for effective collaboration is crucial, and front-end programmers from Poland and Ukraine have strong English communication skills.

5. Strong Work Ethic

Dedication, reliability, and quality focus are vital to work ethics in offshore frontend development. And front end developers from Poland and Ukraine have strong work ethics.

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