As the era of technology advances and unfolds many different things, the manner of work also takes a sharp turn. Flutter app development is one such tool that is trending these days.

Flutter is playing a key role in cross-platform app development. Cross-platform apps enable business setups to expand their customer base at a low cost.

The main question is: How and from where to hire Flutter developers? The answer to this question lies in this article that you are about to read.

What is a Flutter Developer?

Flutter Developer is accountable for operating and developing product application exhibits across numerous devices across outlets. 

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Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for installing attractive, locally assembled mobile, desktop, and web apps from a single codebase. It is unrestrained and open source.

What Does a Flutter Developer Do?

Flutter Developer roles and responsibilities include an overview of the software features and user interface which refers to the content shown on the app, designing a cross-browser mobile application from the bottom, and then putting it forward for testing. The application must also ensure a smooth user experience.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Planning, formulating, testing, conserving, and deploying software in the Flutter framework and Dart language.
  • Formulating and executing customer interface elements by pursuing famous Flutter/Dart workflows and procedures.
  • Communicating with product and architecting causes to execute business and project goals.
  • Partaking in testing, quality confirmation, and bug fixes as part of the CI/CD cycle.

Is Flutter Good for App Development?

Following are some places where Flutter works well:

1. Cross-platform Mobile App Development

Create high-quality, visually attractive, and user-friendly mobile apps on iOS and Android.

With a single codebase, developers can design easy-to-use apps, preserving resources.

2. Single page or Multi Page Apps

Formulate single-page applications (SPAs) or multi-page applications (MPAs) for the site.

Delivers quick response user interface allowing interactive web application.

3. Desktop App Development

Developers design desktop apps for outlets like Windows, macOS, and Linux, providing home-like ventures across distinct operating systems.

4. Progressive Web Application (PWAs)

Flutter approves the growth of PWAs. PWAs provide a native-like feeling on a user’s instrument.

Developers can construct PWAs with improved enactment, offline authorization, and app-like features.

5. Simple 2D Game Development

Flutter’s ability to have an affluent bunch of animation and UI allows it to develop light games or incorporate gaming components into apps.

6. Prototyping and MVP Development

Flutter’s quick growth cycle, hot reload trait, and changeable widgets make it the perfect option for prototyping and Minimum Viable Product Development.

Enables developers to repeat and test concepts, approve visions, and acquire responses beforehand.

7. IoT and Embedded Systems

Flutter can also be employed to design user interfaces for IoT devices. Operating on different outlets makes it adaptable for building interfaces, wearables, and other portable devices.

Examples of Apps Developed Using Flutter:

Some prominent companies, such as Google, Alibaba, Reflectly, and eBay Motors, hire Flutter developers for their products. ByteDance also uses Flutter which allows it to accomplish a more uniform version across outlets. Flutter helped Tencent and Betterment to enhance development efficiency.

Tencent Cloud Chat efficiency also boosted up to 77% with Flutter. Flutter also allowed the decrease in development time of building an app that helps veterans toiling with PTSD adapting back to normal life.  

Benefits of Flutter App Development

Many people ask: Is Flutter good for app development? Their concerns stand right as they explore app development using Flutter.

Let’s find out some benefits of Flutter app development.

  1. A single codebase is used for numerous outlets to lower time and energy.
  2. Their native-like performance delivers an efficient version of the programming language.
  3. Quicker app design with the hot reload feature.
  4. Reduce designing expenses due to cross-platform nature.
  5. Quicker time to market with immediate repetition and code transitions.
  6. Attractive layouts with pre-designed UI components (widgets) and changeable interfaces.
  7. Harmonious UI and business reasoning across all fora.
  8. Open-source framework with a functional society and thriving ecosystem of packages and libraries.

Is Flutter Good for Web Development?

hiring flutter developer from Poland or Ukraine

Flutter Web has become famous among developers due to quicker development span because of code reusability and capability to develop a mixture of apps employing Flutter for web and mobile outlets.

Flutter Web is a rendition of Flutter for web development. It transforms projects into native code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) for web apps. 

Examples of Successful Flutter Web Apps

Following are some of the successful Flutter Web Apps:

  • Xianyu by Alibaba
  • Hamilton
  • Rive
  • Supernova

Benefits of Flutter Web

After going through the benefits of Flutter Web, you can deduce Flutter is good for web development.

1. Code Sharing

Flutter enables the user to Dart code between mobile and web apps. It also allows one to utilize current Flutter widgets and packages.

2. Rich UI

Flutter also allows you to formulate definitive UIs with potential widgets. Put in animations and filters for distinct web apps.

3. Productivity

Flutter Web rapidly designs and creates with hot reload and dev tools. It also puts down precise, easy-to-read, and trial code.

4. Portability

Another benefit of Flutter Web is that it supports Chrome OS and Chromium browsers for vast device compatibility. Effortless deployment through a single URL without app reliances.

5. Innovation

Continually developing with updated features and advancements. Flutter also grants this possibility to pitch into the Flutter community.

6. PWA Support

Flutter develops advanced web apps (PWAs) with offline features and app-like experience.

Key Skills to Look Out for When Hiring Flutter Developers

As advantageous as it sounds to hire a Flutter app developer, it is equally important to hire a skilled Flutter developer. 

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Some of the key skills required for a flutter developer that one needs to have are:

Technical Skills

Skills for Flutter developers include knowledge of Dart Programming Language. They should know the Flutter Framework and its essential concepts.

Flutter engineers should have an understanding of mobile app development principles and best practices. Awareness of APIs, Databases, and Third-Party Libraries in Flutter Development is also a vital skill.

Problem-Solving and Analytical Skills

Flutter developer skills are examining Problem-Solving skills in app development. Also, darting for rational thinking and awareness of detail.

UI/UX Design Abilities

The person should know the art of developing attractive visuals and interfaces that are friendly to users.

Knowledge of UI/UX principles to execute in Flutter Apps and insights regarding creativity and aesthetics are also important to be considered.

Communication and Collaboration Skills

The importance of efficient communication in a remote development team cannot be neglected.

Capacity to cooperate, be responsive, and work in a team and command in conveying technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders is also a key skill possessed by expert flutter developers.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Flutter Developers

1. Inadequate Development Cycle Planning

When hiring a flutter developer, plan your product development cycle adequately and keep a margin to have time when repairing, revising, and retaining after the product has been launched. 

2. Setting Unrealistic Deadlines

Never set unrealistic deadlines in a hurry to speed up work, which will affect the developers’ progress due to the pressure that dawns upon them.

3. Lack of Source Code Protection

Lack of source code protection can result in harsh consequences if something goes wrong. Therefore, adding this condition to your agreement files and all your work scope is important.

4. Choosing Developers Solely Based on Price

Another blunder that most people do is opting for a developer who charges low. If you go for a cheap agency, you may miss out on the best service from proficient developers. Therefore, it is suggested to prefer experience over cost.

5. Neglecting to Assess Relevant Experienc

Inquire from your dealer about their background experiences and the niches they have operated in so far. It will enable you to calculate if they can handle your project.

6. Not Interviewing the Development Team

Ensure your engagement with the team you are working with. Not knowing them will add a disadvantage to your result. Thus, meet your team, assess their CVs, and get to know them and their work.

7. Overlooking the Company’s Reputation

Ensure that the agency you intend to work with has a clean past, meaning they have a good reputation. If you make the mistake of hiring a bad developer, it may also ruin your reputation.

8. Failure to Conduct Comprehensive Background Checks

One must assess the history of the agency they are working with. They must assess, contact their past clients, ask for suggestions, and confirm what they said. Trust is important when it comes to working in a professional domain.

How to Hire a Flutter Developer: Choosing the Perfect Candidate

One must consider the following criteria if they are wondering how to hire a Flutter app developer. 

skills required for hiring flutter developer

For hiring the perfect candidate, you should:

  1. Define Job Requirements
  2. Screen Resumes
  3. Conduct Technical Interviews
  4. Evaluate Portfolio
  5. Arrange a Coding Test
  6. Check References
  7. Make a Final Decision

Best Models for Hiring Flutter Developers

1. In-House


Employees of In-House developers work from that company’s office. They work full-time and are paid accordingly.


  • Supervision app development
  • Strong communication with your team
  • Proper monitoring of the progress


  • Scaling of the Flutter team
  • Lack of skilled IT personnel
  • Slow working and surpassing deadlines

2. Freelance


It entails a work manner in which Flutter developers get paid for their project services. They are not hired full-time by a specific company.  


  • Cost-efficient
  • Access to skilled professionals
  • Show flexibility in project scalability 
What is Scalability?The ability of a company to adapt to increasing workload without any significant change in efficiency.


  • No long-term obligation to work
  •  Lack of availability 
  • Risk of encountering a lack of expertise

3. Outsourcing


Outsourcing involves hiring developers not affiliated with any company, but you assign them a project they must work on. 


  • Lower costs
  • Efficient work
  • Access to diverse labors


  • Deplete connection between company and customers
  • Weak communication disrupts app building.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Flutter Developer?

Flutter app development cost varies from agency to agency and expertise. It also depends on whether you are hiring an in -house developer or a freelance developer.

In Eastern European countries such as Poland or Ukraine the hiring cost of flutter developers is less as compared to other European countries.

The minimum salary of a flutter engineer is 1,895 USD and maximum is around 3,790 USD. 

The average expense of hiring a flutter developer is 2,843 USD in Ukraine and Poland. The number of professional individuals especially in technological fields is boosting in these countries which is the main reason companies are focusing more on hiring employees from Ukraine or Poland.

Why Hire Flutter Developers From Poland or Ukraine?

1. Less Costly

Flutter development companies in Poland and Ukraine have lower hourly rates, resulting in significant cost savings.

2. Access to Skilled Developers

Hiring Flutter remote development candidates from Poland or Ukraine gives access to skilled Flutter developers and specialized talents in software houses.

3. Quicker Time-to-Market

Reputed corporations like Remote Flutter developers deliver faster project culmination and time-to-market.

4. Focus on Core Business

Outsourcing frees internal resources for core operations.

5. Lessened Risk

Abidance to global standards and proven prestige mitigate dangers.

6. Enhanced Quality

Offshore Flutter developer remote teams retain best practices and provide high-quality products.

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