Are you looking to hire an Angular developer who can efficiently complete your project? Let us help you. In today’s article, you will understand what Angular is, the roles and responsibilities of Angular engineers, methods to hire Angular programmers, and other information in detail.

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What is Angular?

It is a framework and platform for creating single-page client applications using TypeScript and HTML. It is written in TypeScript.

What is Angular?

What Does an Angular Developer Do? Roles & Responsibilities  

As we now understand what Angular is, let’s move towards the roles and responsibilities of Angular programmers. 

Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of Angular developers include developing and executing user interface parts by using Angular directives, building unit tests for implemented code and developing custom directives. Additionally, Angular developers are accountable for troubleshooting problems during the development process. They are also responsible for ensuring cross-browser coherence for generated code and ensuring that code is according to performance needs.

An Angular developer’s responsibilities and roles include managing existing code bases, developing and testing software, and building new user-facing features. 

Furthermore, an Angular app engineer’s roles and responsibilities include creating, testing, coding and establishing the apps, resolving issues in app code, integrating third-party libraries with the codebase and ensuring that all code adheres to the best standards and practices set by the organization.

What is Angular Used for? 

Angular is mainly used for building scalable single-page apps. It is also used for testing the developed apps with custom solutions. Its robust architecture, rich features and extensive ecosystem make it the first choice for creating a wide range of website-based projects.

Why Use Angular: Advantages of Angular 

Dozens of Angular benefits make it the top choice of developers. Let’s discuss these advantages in detail.

The two-way data binding of Angular enables data synchronization between View and Model so that both components update automatically. Additionally, it reduces the load on the CPU by making static files. Angular code structure is independent and portable, so we don’t need external third-party plugins or frameworks.

Furthermore, Angular Material comes with buttons, layouts, navigation elements, pre-installed data tables and indicators, which are used to make a satisfying user experience. Angular is cost-effective and straightforward as compared to other platforms.

Critical Skills to Look Out for When Hiring Angular Developers 

Hiring Angular programmers becomes easy when you look out for specific technical and soft skills in Angular engineers. The crucial skills you should always consider in an Angular programmer during hiring are explained below.

Technical Skills

Angular engineers must possess specific technical skills such as NPM (Node Package Manager) for maintaining dependencies and packages in Angular apps and proficiency in Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) for simplifying various aspects of the development process.

Angular developer skills

An Angular programmer should also be skilled in HTML and CSS to design and layout content and structure the website content efficiently. Furthermore, Angular developers should be experts in Angular, TypeScript, and JavaScript to develop maintainable and scalable apps and make codes more robust, less error-prone, and easier to manage.

In addition, an Angular engineer should also understand RxJS, Git, and Restful API Interaction, how to do testing and debugging, and how to make responsive designs.


Angular programmers must have excellent communication skills to interact confidently with teammates and stakeholders, explain technical concepts to non-technical team members and comprehend requirements.

Ability to Work in a Team

Angular engineers must effectively collaborate with project managers, testers, and designers to design and deliver high-quality apps.


Angular developers should also understand how to identify, analyse, and solve issues, leading to innovation, better decision-making, efficiency, creativity, productivity, and overall professional and personal life.

Teamwork and Commitment

Angular programmers should also perform well in a team environment by contributing to team discussion, being receptive to constructive criticism and offering knowledge to other team members.


Angular developers should empathize with app users by understanding their expectations and requirements and building user-friendly and easily accessible apps.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Angular Developers 

During the hiring process for Angular engineers you must avoid these five common mistakes to get the best talent for your organization.

1. Neglecting Technical Skills Assessment

Technical skills are crucial for using Angular; therefore, an Angular programmer should be selected based on his expertise in technical skills.

2. Ignoring Soft Skills

Neglecting soft skills when hiring an Angular engineer is another common mistake you should refrain from because soft skills are equally important as technical skills for performing the job effectively.

3. Not Checking for Angular Version Knowledge

Knowledge about Angular Version is essential; therefore, you should always consider it in candidates during the hiring process.

4. Overlooking Portfolio and Projects

Another common mistake when hiring an Angular developer is not prioritizing candidates’ portfolios and projects. Portfolios and projects display candidates’ past experience, making it easy to select the right candidate for the company.

5. Failing to Assess Coding Practices

Angular programmers must understand coding, which can only be judged by assessing the coding practices of Angular engineers.

How to Hire Angular Developer: Choosing the Perfect Candidate 

If you want to hire a dedicated Angular developer, follow the six steps below to get the right candidate for your company that fits your organisation’s needs and culture.

1. Define Project Requirements

The first and foremost step in choosing the perfect candidate for your company is to define your project requirements in detail. This will help you quickly identify which candidate is better among all.

2. Choose the Right Hiring Model

There are multiple hiring models: in-house, freelance and outsourcing. Choose any of these models based on your budget and project requirements.

3. Assess Staffing Needs

Evaluating staffing requirements will help you determine the space in your staff and find perfect candidates who can fill the space in your company.

4. Craft a Comprehensive Job Description

Create a complete job description to attract suitable candidates for the Angular programmer position at your firm.

5. Evaluate and Select the Ideal Candidate

Assess and choose the ideal candidates for your company by conducting interviews and tests.

6. Finalize Candidate Selection and Agreement

In the last step, finalize the Angular programmers for your company and make a job agreement by discussing complete information with the Angular engineer.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Angular Developer?

Angular developer cost varies and depends on factors like region, seniority level, experience and skills. Companies are now hiring Angular programmers from East European countries like Poland and Ukraine because, in these countries, the developers offer high-quality work at reasonable rates. 

The average net monthly salary of an Angular engineer in the USA is $6,100; in Switzerland, it is around $7,100, whereas in the UK, the average monthly wage of an Angular programmer is $5,030, and in Ukraine, it is $2,433.

Best Models for Hiring Angular Developers

The three best models for hiring Angular engineers are:

  • In house
  • Freelance
  • Outsourcing

Let’s discuss each model in detail.

1. In-House


In-house Angular developers work exclusively for a single company. They primarily work within the company environment.


  • Quality control 
  • No communication barriers


  • Costly 
  • It is challenging to find the perfect fit

2. Freelance 


Freelance Angular developers work remotely on a project basis.


  • Cost saving
  • Expert in a specific niche


  • Communication challenges
  • May not be available for every project

3. Outsourcing


Outsourcing involves hiring a third-party agency to complete Angular development projects for your company.


  • Cost-effective
  • Hassle-free


  • Communication challenges
  • Quality control is challenging 

Hire Offshore Angular Developers

Offshore Angular programmers are now more in demand than ever because of the error-free work they offer at cost-saving rates. Offshore Angular engineers are easily accessible and complete projects within given deadlines.

Why Hire Angular Developers from Poland/Ukraine?

The main reasons why you should hire an Angular developer from Ukraine or Poland are explained below.

1. Cost-Effective Talent

Poland and Ukraine have highly talented IT professionals, including Angular developers, who offer their services at practical rates.

2. English Proficiency

Angular programmers from Poland and Ukraine are proficient in English, so they don’t have to worry about communication challenges.

3. Time Zone Compatibility

Timezone compatibility of Ukraine and Poland with other countries makes it easy to handle projects easily.

4. Access to a Diverse Talent Pool

Many talents in Poland and Ukraine attract companies to hire candidates from these countries who fit their organizational culture and requirements.

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