WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) that has gained immense popularity in web development. Its versatility and customization options make it a flexible platform for creating various types of websites. 

With an array of themes and plugins available, businesses can leverage WordPress to build eye-catching websites with added functionalities. Its user-friendly interface and strong community support have solidified WordPress as the go-to solution for website development.

As remote work becomes increasingly popular among developers, businesses gain the opportunity to hire remote developers and tap into a global talent pool, reduce costs, and increase flexibility in team composition. 

Hiring remote WordPress developers from Poland and Ukraine offers businesses access to skilled professionals at affordable rates. These countries have well-established remote working cultures, providing access to a diverse talent pool. Polish and Ukrainian developers possess a range of expertise, making them suitable for complex WordPress projects.

Wondering how to identify the perfect WordPress developer for your team? Allow us to be your guide in this process, outlining essential factors to consider before embarking on your search for the ideal candidate.

WordPress Developer Types

A WordPress developer creates and maintains websites using the WordPress platform, handling tasks like custom theme development, plugin creation, optimization, and maintenance.  With in-depth knowledge of WordPress’s infrastructure, they build robust websites, contribute to platform improvements, and develop new themes and plugins, making them crucial for dynamic website creation.

Website developer

They possess a deep understanding of how WordPress functions and navigate the dashboard effortlessly. Creating a complete WordPress website demands expertise and experience. It involves integrating various themes, plugins, and widgets to build a functional website that aligns with the client’s needs. 

Proficiency in backend programming languages, databases, and user interface design is also essential for this role. While third-party website builders exist, companies often rely on software developers for constructing advanced websites.

Theme developer

WordPress theme developers focus on the front-end, which is the user-facing side of websites. They combine their visual skills with web creation using digital programs like Adobe Xd, Figma, inDesign or Sketch. 

They have two primary avenues for work: building commercial themes for theme shops or designing custom themes for clients, either as agency employees or freelancers. 

Typically, theme developers create themes based on a starter theme. They customize these themes according to the specific needs of clients. 

Theme developers also contribute their creations to third-party marketplaces like or offer them for free in the WordPress Themes library. 

Their responsibilities encompass coding the necessary templates for each page, discussing design requirements with clients, testing themes, optimizing user experience, ensuring a bug-free and fast front-end, and crafting visually appealing custom themes for clients.

PHP developer

PHP WordPress developers are a specialized group within the realm of WordPress developers, utilizing the open-source server-side programming language PHP to enhance and customize WordPress websites. 

Their expertise in PHP allows them to convert designs into high-quality sites, integrate external resources and services through APIs, optimize site performance and security, and create custom themes, plugins, and page-builder blocks. 

With extensive experience in PHP and related languages, these developers collaborate closely with clients who have specific requirements beyond off-the-shelf WordPress themes and plugins. They play a crucial role in implementing new functionality, writing tests, and ensuring the seamless functioning of WordPress websites.

JavaScript Developer

JavaScript plays a vital role in the development of the WordPress front-end. These developers utilize their expertise in the JavaScript programming language to enhance user experience on WordPress websites. 

JavaScript plays a vital role in introducing interactive elements like embedded videos, image carousels, and dynamic menus that make websites more engaging and user-friendly. 

These developers possess specialized knowledge in both JavaScript and the WordPress framework, allowing them to seamlessly integrate JavaScript elements into WordPress without causing any disruptions. By leveraging the power of JavaScript, they can create captivating and interactive user experiences on the WordPress platform.

Web Designer 

WordPress web designers specialize in creating visually appealing designs and layouts for WordPress websites. They work on both established websites and new projects, crafting website designs and developing sample sites. 

Their responsibilities include ensuring an impressive visual presentation, utilizing pre-made themes and plugins, and having a deep understanding of their capabilities. 

While not mandatory, knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and image editing software like Photoshop or Illustrator can be advantageous. With their creativity and expertise, web designers contribute to delivering visually stunning websites that provide captivating online experiences on the WordPress platform.

Full-Time WordPress Developer vs. Freelance WordPress Developer

When hiring a WordPress developer, you have at least two options: full-time or freelance. 

Freelancers are suitable for implementing simple features, regular maintenance, security updates, and limited content management. They can be found on platforms like Upwork and Codeable, but their availability and ability to meet deadlines may be impacted by multiple clients. 

For medium or large-sized businesses relying on their website for revenue generation, hiring a full-time WordPress developer is a wise investment. Although more expensive, a dedicated full-time developer can handle all web design and management needs. 

Suitable candidates can be found through remote hiring services or job boards. Consider your budget, project requirements, and long-term goals to choose between freelance and full-time WordPress developers for your business.

What to Look for When Hiring WordPress Developers

When hiring WordPress developers, it’s crucial to consider their technical expertise and capabilities as well as their soft skills.

WordPress Developer Technical skills

Proficiency in HTML and CSS is essential for website development, while knowledge of server-side solutions enables effective backend management. Additionally, a strong UX/UI background is crucial to create user-friendly tools and design intuitive interfaces. 

Junior WordPress developers should have a grasp of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and design principles, letting them build sites from scratch and handle basic maintenance tasks. Mid-level developers should have proficiency in building sites efficiently and possess advanced skills in using plugins and customizing functionalities. Senior-level developers should excel in creating complex sites, connecting APIs, and developing custom solutions.

When assessing candidates, factors such as pricing, previous project experience, and feedback from previous clients can provide insights. It’s important to inquire about the frameworks and plugins the developers plan to use and their implications for future changes and scalability.

WordPress developers should possess a deep knowledge of the WordPress development environment. This includes the ability to create themes using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. They should be capable of testing themes, configuring, debugging, and using appropriate code editors and tools.

Focusing on hard skills ensures that employers hire developers who deliver high-quality websites and plugins.

Word Press Developer Soft skills

Soft skills are equally important for seamless collaboration and team integration. Excellent communication competencies are required to work effectively with other team members and departments, such as UI/UX designers, data scientists, marketers, and managers. A WordPress developer should be able to explain complex technical concepts to non-technical individuals, offer mentorship when required, and handle constructive criticism well. 

Problem-solving capabilities are another valuable soft skill. A proficient developer should be able to quickly identify and resolve issues, explore various solutions, and avoid making biased judgments. 

Additionally, English language skills are important, particularly when hiring developers from non-English speaking countries. Fluency in English allows smooth communication, easy integration into the team, and a clear understanding of project requirements.

How to Assess WordPress Developer Skill set

Assessing the skill set of WordPress developers is important to ensure that they have the necessary expertise to handle your projects effectively. To test their skills, here are a few skill tests to conduct.

Technical Assessment Test

Technical assessment tests allow businesses to assess a candidate’s knowledge of WordPress administration, security, database management, customization, and more. These assessments cover areas such as WordPress development, administration, technical SEO and problem-solving. 

Additionally, proficiency tests in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP can determine a candidate’s coding abilities. The results get compiled into a candidate report which allows for a quick assessment of the developer’s skills. You can conduct these tests effectively using platforms like TestGorilla, Vervoe, and Neuroworx

By using these tests early in the hiring process, employers can efficiently screen and filter out candidates who may lack the required skills, saving time and effort. The tests provide a standardized evaluation method, allowing recruiters to objectively compare candidates and set performance benchmarks.

Trial Development Task

Trial development tasks are an effective way to assess the skill set of WordPress developers. These tasks are typically planned and assigned by the technical lead of the team of the potential candidate, ensuring that the task is in line with the team’s goals. 

These live tasks provide valuable insights into the candidates’ logic, skills, and ability to explain their actions. Additionally, it allows you to assess their capability to work independently and meet deadlines. 

The trial development tasks can cover various skills, such as creating plugins, building web pages and developing interactive forms using PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.  Additionally, they involve constructing a WordPress development environment, testing, and optimizing themes and plugins. 

Through these tasks, you can gain an understanding of the candidate’s technical abilities and their suitability for your WordPress development projects.

Sample Projects

You can assign candidates real-life projects to see what kind of websites they can create. There are two common approaches for sample projects: take-home assignments and pair-programming exercises.

Take-home assignments allow candidates to complete the project at home before or after the interviews. To ensure the authenticity of their work, it’s advisable to use a coding assessment tool with reliable plagiarism detection. You can conduct these assessments effectively using platforms like HackerRank, WeCP (We Create Problems), and CodeSignal.

On the other hand, pair-programming exercises involve collaborating with a member of your team. The candidate and the interviewer work together on a sample project, with the candidate writing the code and the interviewer reviewing and testing it. 

Although pair-programming exercises are more time-consuming and resource-intensive, they provide the opportunity for direct interaction and evaluation. This approach is especially beneficial if you have a hiring manager or a WordPress programmer who can act as a recruiter and assess the candidate’s skills effectively. 

By utilizing sample projects, you can assess the candidate’s ability to apply their knowledge and skills in real-world scenarios, helping you make informed decisions in your WordPress developer hiring process.

How to Attract WordPress Developers

To attract WordPress developers, it’s important to understand what they prioritize and what makes a company appealing to them. According to a recent StackOverflow survey, here are some key factors to consider:

Opportunities for learning and growth

Developers highly value opportunities for learning new technologies and advancing their careers. Offering training programs, mentorship opportunities, and access to resources for continuous skill development can attract developers who are eager to expand their knowledge.

Flexibility and work-life balance

Flexibility in working hours and the option for remote work are highly sought-after benefits for developers. Prioritizing flexibility and work-life balance in job offerings can make your company more attractive and appealing to candidates.

Competitive compensation

While salary is not the sole factor, it plays a significant role in attracting developers. Offering competitive compensation packages that go beyond just a competitive salary, such as bonuses, benefits, and additional perks, can make your job offers more enticing.

Opportunities for leadership

Developers want opportunities to grow and advance their careers within a company. Providing avenues for leadership, project ownership, and career advancement can attract developers who are ambitious and motivated to progress in their careers.

Transparent company culture

Developers value transparency in salary, a structured onboarding process, and easy access to experts within the company. Building a supportive and collaborative work environment, where developers feel valued and have opportunities to contribute and make an impact, is crucial for attracting top talent.

Tech stack and interesting projects

Developers consider the tech stack and the type of projects they will be working on when evaluating job opportunities. Offering interesting and challenging projects that allow them to work with new technologies can be a major attraction.

Work environment

The ideal work environment for developers includes factors such as bright natural light, quiet surroundings, and access to plants. Providing a comfortable and productive workspace, whether in an office or remote setting, is important for attracting developers.

By understanding and prioritizing these factors, you can create job offerings and company environments that appeal to WordPress developers, making your organization stand out and attract top talent in the competitive market.

Hiring Remote WordPress Developers

Hiring remote WordPress developers offers numerous advantages for both developers and companies. Remote work eliminates the need for lengthy commutes and overcomes geographical limitations, allowing developers to take on larger projects and multiple clients without being tied down by location. 

It also promotes a better work-life balance, as developers can work from the comfort of their preferred environment, avoiding traffic and childcare challenges associated with on-site work. 

For businesses, hiring remote developers expands the talent pool and reduces costs related to office space and infrastructure. Remote work has become increasingly popular, providing flexibility and improved job satisfaction for developers while enabling companies to tap into exceptional talent and foster collaboration across time zones. 

By embracing remote work, businesses can create a productive and harmonious work environment while enjoying the benefits of cost savings and greater employee engagement.

Why hire WordPress developers in Poland/ Ukraine?

According to StackOverflow, 42% of developers that responded to their survey said they prefer to work remotely. When searching for remote WordPress developers, professionals based in Poland and Ukraine offer an excellent choice for your hiring needs. Eastern Europe is becoming an increasingly major competitor in the software development outsourcing market. 

Poland has emerged as a top destination for hiring developers due to its thriving tech sector, highly educated workforce, and competitive salaries. With over 13,000 IT graduates annually, Polish technical universities produce skilled developers proficient in various programming languages. The country’s lower cost of living makes it a cost-effective option for businesses. 

Polish developers are known for their commitment to quality, work ethics, attention to detail, and dedication to delivering high-quality solutions. English proficiency is remarkable, as the language is extensively taught in schools, and software houses provide courses to enhance language skills. 

Poland offers a seamless outsourcing experience with effective communication and a low cultural gap. The well-established legal framework allows for a very suitable business environment as well. 

Ukraine has also become a preferred destination for hiring software developers, attracting businesses from Western Europe and North America. With over 16,000 IT graduates every year, Programmers from Ukraine hold significant value and share similar advantages with their Polish counterparts, with a considerable number of them currently engaged in the Polish market as well.

WordPress Developer Salary

When hiring a WordPress developer, costs can vary based on complexity, expertise, and location. Freelancers are suitable for small projects on a restricted budget, but their availability may differ depending on the number of clients. Full-time developers offer more dedicated maintenance and additional services for larger businesses.

Freelancers can charge between $20 and $150 per hour, while agencies have rates from $200 to $400 per hour. Glassdoor reports an average annual salary of $70,000 for full-time WordPress developers in the US. Investing in a dedicated WordPress professional helps ensure a smoothly functioning website, customer satisfaction, and business growth.

Moreover, Ukraine and Poland offer attractive price-quality ratios when hiring software engineers. In Ukraine, junior developers can be hired for around $1080, middle developers for approximately $2070, and senior specialists for around $3000 per month. Furthermore, In Poland, the average WordPress developer salaries range from $1900 to $5000 per month, depending on experience.

Wordpress Developer Salary 2024 in Poland

Outsource to find the right WordPress developer

Outsourcing the recruitment process to an IT recruitment agency offers numerous benefits in finding the right WordPress developer. 

Agencies define expectations, craft attractive job descriptions, and effectively market them to attract top talent. They save time by screening and evaluating candidates, presenting only the most qualified individuals. 

Salary negotiation is easier with their guidance on competitive packages. Agencies conduct initial interviews and technical checks, saving your team valuable time. They have a global reach, assisting in hiring IT talents worldwide and managing cross-border complexities. Background checks, payroll management, and onboarding assistance can also be handled by these agencies. 

They provide in-depth industry knowledge, access to talent networks, expedited recruitment, expertise in specialized roles, cost savings, flexibility, and temporary staffing solutions. Outsourcing to IT recruitment agencies streamline the hiring process, saving time and resources for your business.

Overview of hiring a WordPress developer

As the popularity of WordPress continues to rise, hiring a WordPress developer becomes a strategic move for businesses. With their expertise, they build functional websites that attract visitors. From creating custom themes to optimizing performance and security, these professionals create a solid standing ground for your online presence. 

Moreover, with the rise of remote working environments, Poland and Ukraine offer skilled WordPress developers that can fit the needs of your company, so you may consider adding a WordPress developer to your team to create robust websites.

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