Java has become one of the most popular programming languages known for pioneering the “Write Once, Run Anywhere” philosophy. 

Created in 1995, Java is a concurrent class-based language that is used for a wide range of applications today. 

This article provides key insights and tips to hire Java Developers along with exploring why Poland and Ukraine could be great destinations for such talent. 

What Is a Java Developer?

A Java Developer designs, develops, and maintains applications written in Java including web applications, Android apps, and the Internet of Things. 

What Does a Java Developer Do? Roles & Responsibilities

The key Java Developer roles and responsibilities are:

  • Analyzing user requirements and designing the program architecture
  • Writing clean and scalable program code
  • Developing system features and functionality 
  • Testing and debugging any issues
  • Writing and updating documentation regarding key changes made
  • Working together with other team members and stakeholders
  • Recommending new ideas and innovations to include in the program.

Types of Java Developers

Java Development consists of diverse roles based on the requirements of the business to ensure robust and efficient software solutions. There are primarily four types of Java Developers 

1. Back-end Java Developers   

These Developers are focused on server-side programming by working with databases, integrating with external systems, and providing functionality for the applications. 

2. Front-end Java Developers 

On the other hand, Front-End Java Developers focus on creating user interfaces that are interactive and highly responsive with a key focus on the user. 

3. Full-Stack Java Developers 

Full-Stack Java Developers have competency in both the server-side and client-side. They may be suitable as an early member of the team as their able to build complete applications from scratch. 

4. Mobile Developers 

Java is popular for mobile development too because of its cross-platform and compatibility features which have helped create an entire segment of Java Mobile Developers. 

Benefits of Using Java for App Development

Though there are multiple options in the market today for app development, Java is still among the top choices despite its first release being back in 1995. Here are some benefits of Java for App Development

1. High Efficiency 

Java is an object-oriented programming language meaning that it has re-usable code along with a large library that helps to speed up the development process. 

2. Reduced Costs and Increased Speed

A key reason why Java is used for developing mobile applications is that it is open-source with a large number of Developers available. This helps to maintain low costs and maximize the speed of development. 

3. Independence and Compatibility

The Write Once, Run Anywhere principle enables applications written in Java to be platform-independent. This means that the application would be compatible with Windows computers and Macs without double work. 

4. Extended Development Possibilities

The huge number of libraries and frameworks that the overall Java community has developed over time makes it more accessible for Developers to utilize them for extending development functionality. 

5. Agility, Adaptability, and Performance

Its compatibility with a variety of development environments along with the different tools it offers has made it a preference for app development. 

6. Widespread Popularity and Community Support

There were around 17 million Java Developers in 2023 which has created a network effect of a robust community. This is a core reason why Java Developers are in demand as many businesses prefer Java development since they know that it provides a wealth of resources through the community to get great results. 

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James Gosling, the creator of Java, famously said: “The main reason [for Java’s success] is because of the wonderful community of Java developers that have really taken it to heart.”

Key Skills to Look Out for When Hiring Java Developers

Before finalizing a hiring decision, it’s crucial to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of their expertise and capabilities. Here are Java Developer skills to assess before making a hiring decision. 

1. Object-Oriented Programming(OOP)

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) organizes code into reusable objects, fostering modularity and code structure. Consider asking about OOP concepts such as Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Inheritance, and composition. 

2. Familiarity with web technologies

For any web-based systems, its important to assess these web technologies in the Java Developer skill set: 

  •    Servlet, JSP, and Java EE
  •    RESTful web services
  •    Angular
  •    HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  •    Servlet API

3. Design and architecture

Another major question to ask them is on the following three major concepts in design and architecture: 

  •    Creational design patterns
  •    Structural design patterns
  •    Behavioral design patterns

4. Soft skills

It is crucial to know how to clear obstacles, maintain patience in tough situations, and have empathy. Thus, assess the level of teamwork, good communication, and time management in the Java Developer. 

5. DevOps skills

There are key Java Developers must have skills related to DevOps such as: 

  •    Jenkins
  •    Docker
  •    Git
  •    Ansible
  •    Maven
  •    Gradle

6. Database skills

Similarly, the Java backend developer skill set requires the following database skills: 

  •    SQL
  •    Database design
  •    ORM
  •    Indexing and query optimization
  •    Database Administration

7. Software testing skills

Asking questions on software testing provides more clarity that the Developer is well accustomed to the overall Software Development Life Cycle. Key skills here include:

  •    JUnit
  •    TestNG
  •    Mockito
  •    Selenium
  •    Apache JMeter

8. Java frameworks and libraries

Finally, to fast track the development process, Java Developers need to be proficient in the following frameworks and libraries:

  •    Spring framework
  •    Hibernate
  •    Struts

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Java Developers

A bad hire can cost up to thirty percent of their annual earnings. Here are some mistakes to avoid when hiring Java Developers.

1. Neglecting a thorough technical assessment

A lack of a standardized technical evaluation may lead to the wrong hire. Examine the results of the candidate’s assessment before making any final hiring decisions to ensure fairness and objectivity in the selection process.

2. Focusing only on technical skills

Forgetting to prioritize interpersonal skills might result in hiring a hard to work with Developer. This can slow down the progress and morale of the entire development team. 

3. Ignoring cultural fit

Evaluate candidates for alignment with company culture. Consider how their values and work style align with that of the organization. 

4. Rushing the hiring process

Focusing on the speed of making a hire rather than making the right hire may lead to higher employee turnover. Therefore, take time to review resumes and conduct thorough interviews.

5. Neglecting continuous learning and growth

Check whether they possess a commitment to stay with and develop their expertise further in Java. For instance, Java Developers who are proactive would stay updated on new trends and innovations within the Java ecosystem. 

How to Hire a Java Developer: Choosing the Perfect Candidate

Here is a step-by-step process on how to hire Java Developers

1. Evaluate Technical Skills

Hire dedicated Java Developers with technical interviews but questions specific to the role must be asked otherwise it may be ineffective. 

2. Consider Core Role Requirements

Prioritize candidates based on key roles they will focus on. For example, if the role will be focused on back-end development, consider focusing on candidates specializing here. 

3. Look Beyond Coding

Assess how cooperative, empathetic, and communicative they are too rather than only focusing on coding adeptness.

4. Assess Framework Knowledge

Ask questions regarding framework knowledge along with familiarity with APIs and adjacent Java skills. 

5. Recruit for Potential

A growth mindset is at the root of great Developers. Thus, candidates who possess the right attitude should be prioritized for a long-term role. 

6. Check References

References can provide an honest and objective view of the Developer. Verify the portfolio and actual competencies of the Developers through reference checks. 

7. Find Talent in the Right Places

Focus on platforms with a higher concentration of Java Developers for hire. This can include specialized job boards and communities that are focused on Java Development. 

Guido van Rossum, creator of Python:

"While Python and Java have different philosophies, Java developers share a common trait with Pythonistas: a deep focus on readable, maintainable code."
Guido van Rossum, creator of Python, said:
“While Python and Java have different philosophies, Java developers share a common trait with Pythonistas: a deep focus on readable, maintainable code.”

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Java Developer?

The cost of a Java Developer in the U.S. is around $99,000 per year, in the U.K. it is $82,000 per year. 

The costs are lower in Poland from $45,000 to $65,000 per year and in Ukraine from $24,000 to $42,000 per year. 

Best Models for Hiring Java Developers

1. In-House

An in-house Java Developer is an employee hired full-time and paid a monthly salary. 


  1. Can work for the entire project for long-term development
  2. Higher control over the project’s development


  1. Time-consuming recruiting process
  2. Higher costs to cover salary and benefits

2. Freelance 

Freelancers are independent contractors who work on a project-by-project basis. 


  1. Lower costs because of projects-based deliverables
  2. Good option to access skills beyond current team’s competency


  1. Possibility of loss in focus from their multiple projects of different clients
  2. It can take time for them to work effectively with internal team members

3. Outsourcing

Outsourcing companies allow businesses to delegate the recruitment of specialized talent. 


  1. Faster time to hire because of their existing networks and database of talents
  2. Team members can focus on other higher-quality activities


  1. Communication problems between two parties can arise
  2. Potential mismatches of required talent

Hiring Remote Java Developers

The high costs of Java Developers in Western countries along with their rising costs have led to many prominent companies seeking alternative destinations.

Remote Java Developers can be a great option to expand the search for talents around the world who possess both high quality and lower costs. 

Why Hire Java Developers from Poland or Ukraine?

Poland and Ukraine are among the most popular destinations to hire remote Java Developers. 

The strong educational background, lower costs, and reputation for high code quality are some key reasons to seek their service. 

Even Fortune 500 companies such as Google, IBM, and Citigroup have sought the hand of talents from Poland and Ukraine. 

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