The use of ABAP and SAP is on the rise, and with this, the demand for SAP programmers also increased.

Hire SAP developers to ensure that the back-end functions of a program or website are completely working.

To understand the SAP engineer’s role, responsibilities, benefits, and hiring process, let’s dive in further.

What is a SAP Developer?

A SAP programmer is a person who understands the SAP ecosystem and can execute solutions using SAP software and SAP programming language (ABAP).

Companies want to hire SAP engineers, because they have purchased SAP software and they need someone who can maintain and develop solutions.

What is SAP and what software SAP makes

SAP ( System Application and Products) is a multinational software seller and market share chief in ERP.  SAP develops a centralized system for companies which enables multiple departments to access and share common data to design the best work environment for all the employees of a company.

Sap developers in Poland and Ukraine

What Does a SAP Developer Do? 

SAP engineers utilize the programming language Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP), which SAP creates, to create apps that optimize various business processes.

What Is Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP)?It is the main programming language supported on the SAP NetWeaver ABAP application server and those apps that function on it.

Roles of SAP Programmer

Common roles of SAP engineer is performing SAP upgrades when required along with managing SAP systems.

These engineers also ensure SAP systems are used in the best way to attain the business goals and corporate objectives.

Furthermore performing SAP system maintenance regularly and researching, creating, implementing, and managing SAP systems is also the main duty of a SAP engineer.

Responsibilities of SAP Developer

Some of the main responsibilities of SAP programmers are writing test case scenarios to examine check code performance along with writing functionality reports.

SAP programmers are also responsible for verifying and testing code outcomes through test cases and meeting with clients to discuss SAP system functions. They also design guidelines on the basis of client function specifications. 

Top 3 Types of SAP Certifications

There are three main SAP certification types

  • Associate Certification
  • Professional Certification
  • Master Certification 

Let’s discuss each one in detail.

1. Associate Certification

It validates foundational knowledge in SAP software development. This type of certificate is ideal for early career professionals or recent computer science graduates which mainly focuses on basic skills and concepts.

2. Professional Certification

It is suitable for SAP developers with several years of experience. This certificate validates advanced knowledge in SAP software development.

Furthermore, a professional certificate demonstrates the ability to handle complex projects and covers topics like ABAP development, SAP technical consulting, and SAP application development.

3. Master Certification

It is the highest level of SAP Developer certification which is designed for developers with extensive SAP experience.

Master certificate validates exceptional skills in advanced SAP areas. It Includes topics such as advanced ABAP development, SAP architecture, and SAP project management.

7 Main Benefits of Hiring SAP Development

The worth of hiring SAP programmers depends on their ability to use SAP applications in the right manner.

benefits of hiring sap engineer

SAP engineers offer the following advantages to the organization by using SAP applications.

1. Enhanced App Development

SAP developers use ABAP programming to create and customize applications, improving digital capabilities, which is one of the main benefits of SAP.

2. Workflow Automation

Automate tasks like invoicing and payroll through SAP development.

3. Seamless Integration

SAP developers connect business processes using SAP’s integration tools, ensuring data flow.

4. Efficient Data Management

SAP engineers leverage in-memory computing and AI in SAP S/4HANA for effective data processing.

SAP S/4HANAIt is software for enterprise resource planning which is used for large enterprises developed by SAP SE. 

5. AI-Powered Analytics

Certified SAP programmers enhance planning and analysis using SAP’s AI applications. For example in supply chain management. By executing AI microservices, also called “side-by-side” extensions, process domains can be mechanized, and users can get intelligent recommendations for process implementation.

6. User Adoption Support

SAP developers help non-technical staff effectively use SAP applications, driving insights and process improvements.

7. Innovation Catalyst

SAP engineers enable the adoption of emerging technologies, fostering innovation within the organization. 

Key Skills to Look Out for When Hiring SAP Developers

Hiring SAP programmers can be a daunting experience if you need to know what SAP developers’ required skills are. But no worries, we will discuss the hard and soft skills you should look for before hiring any candidate for an SAP development job.

Technical Skills

1. SAP Development Tools

Proficiency in SAP’s development environment, including SAP HANA, ABAP, and SAP Fiori, for creating custom solutions.

SAP HANAIt is a column oriented, in memory relational database management system designed and marketed by SAP SE.
SAP FioriIt is a design system for all SAP products which enable the users to create business apps  with well developed consumer-grade user experience.

2. Programming Languages

Competency in programming languages like Java, SAP HANA, Node.js, SAPUI5, HTML5, Python, ABAP, and JavaScript for integrating with SAP systems.

SAPUI5In Java systems, NetWeaver ABAP and SAP HANA the part of user interface technologies is SAPUI5 .

3. Database Management

Knowledge of SQL and expertise in managing databases, including familiarity with systems like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and IBM DB2.

Soft Skills

1. Communication

Effective communication is a key skill for SAP developers as they often have to work in a team and explain their ideas clearly to the stakeholders.

2. Problem-Solving

There are multiple technical challenges and complex business processes where problem-solving expertise could prove helpful to SAP programmers.

3. Time Management

It is another crucial SAP developer skill as sometimes SAP engineers must deliver the project on strict timelines.

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring SAP Developers

Regarding the hiring process, the most common mistakes made by companies  are listed below. By avoiding these mistakes, you can upscale your talent strategy right now!

Sap developer hiring process

1. Avoid Vendor Overload

Hiring multiple recruitment firms can lead to competition and unrealistic promises for SAP candidates.

2. Lengthy Hiring Process

Delays in offering jobs after interviews can result in losing top candidates to faster companies.

3. Unrealistic Expectations

More relaxed requirements due to economic pressures may hinder attracting SAP talent.

4. Don’t Cut Costs Unnecessarily

Letting recession fears impact SAP hiring may result in missed opportunities.

5. Cultural Fit Matters

Hiring candidates compatible with your company culture can lead to quick departures.

6. Embrace Flexible Work Arrangements

Not offering remote or hybrid work options can deter candidates and lead to losses.

How to Hire a SAP Developer: Choosing the Perfect Candidate

During the hiring process for a SAP programmer, it is important to note that only competent and well-experienced SAP engineers can complete your projects successfully. 

Following are eight crucial steps you should take to find the best SAP engineer candidate:

1. Define Project Requirements

Properly explain your project requirements and the specific expertise you are looking for in the role of SAP programmer.

2. Prioritize Relevant Qualifications and Certifications

Select a candidate that possesses relevant qualifications and certifications in SAP.

3. Evaluate Experience

Choose a candidate for the SAP developer role with solid track information of working with SAP.

4. Assess Technical Skills

Arrange technical interviews or review code samples of the candidates to assess their technical expertise.

5. Consider Problem-Solving Abilities

Go for a candidate who has mastered problem-solving abilities and can quickly solve and troubleshoot issues.

6. Examine Communication Skills

Communication is key to success, so choose a SAP developer with strong communication proficiency.

7. Consider Project Management Expertise:

A SAP programmer who understands how to manage projects is the best fit for the SAP development role.

8. Consider Web Development Skills

Candidates with experience in web development technologies such as CSS, Web services, HTML, and JavaScript are best suited for the SAP development job.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a SAP Developer?

Hiring sap developers from Poland or Ukraine

The cost of hiring a SAP programmer varies and depends on the location, job type, and expertise level.

Although the hiring cost of programmers is much more in developed countries than eastern Europe countries such as Poland and Ukraine, the reputation for skilled IT professionals is on rise and which is a plus point for companies when it comes to hiring programmers.

The cost of hiring engineers from Poland and Ukraine is much more friendly as the average salary of a SAP developer in both these countries is about 3,080 USD.

The minimum salary of a SAP engineer in Ukraine and Poland is 2,132 USD and maximum pay is about 4,027 USD.

Best Models for Hiring SAP Developers

1. In-House


In-house SAP developers are full-time employees who work exclusively for your organization.


  • Solely dedicated to your organization
  • Full control


  • Scalability is limited
  • Higher cost

2. Freelance 


Freelance SAP engineers work remotely and on a project basis.


  • Offers flexibility
  • Less costly


  • May lack dedication
  • Availability is limited

3. Outsourcing


The external company offers SAP programmer services as they have a full team of developers.


  • Cost saving
  • High scalability 


  • Communication hurdles
  • Quality control 

Hiring Remote SAP Developers

Why Hire SAP Developers From Poland or Ukraine?

Hire remote SAP developers from Poland or Ukraine for the following reasons.

1. A Highly Skilled Workforce

Benefits from a pool of highly skilled SAP developers renowned for their technical expertise.

2. Cost-Effective Solutions

Enjoy cost savings compared to hiring developers in Western Europe or North America while maintaining quality.

3. Fluent English Communication

Most programmers in these regions are proficient in English, facilitating smooth communication with international clients.

4. Proven Track Record

Access SAP professionals with a proven track record of successfully handling complex projects.

5. Cultural Compatibility

Cultural similarities with Western countries make collaboration and project integration seamless.

6. Time Zone Compatibility

Overlapping time zones with Western Europe and North America ensures convenient collaboration.

7. Thriving IT Ecosystem

Both countries have thriving IT ecosystems, fostering innovation and continuous professional development.

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