Our role:

We were asked to help in finding and hiring for multiple senior roles as PHP Developer, React Developer, Business Analyst, and QA Engineers.

What we did:

Four recruiters from our team started working on this case immediately. They ended up finding over 20 candidates in the first 2 weeks and in one month our client managed to hire 3 software developers and one Business Analyst. In the next 3 weeks, we also found candidates for the remaining QA and PHP positions.

Since that time, we’re constantly working with Consensus and providing them with top candidates from Poland on a constant basis, whenever they need it.


We’ve successfully managed to help our client hire 10 people in 5 weeks’ time and we still happily cooperate on further roles.

Lukasz Wybieralski

Lukasz Wybieralski

Founder and Chief Executive Officer at RemoDevs

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