Complete software development teams read to develop your product.

Recruiting a well-fitted team takes months and may cost up to over 100 000$. Before you decide to hire for full-time positions, think about hiring contractors for specific tasks or leasing a team from other software company.

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Do you need a whole development team ready to kick-start your project?

We can provide you with standard team (3-6 people) in up to 5 weeks or bigger teams (20+ in up to 4 months).

You can choose between:

Recruiting a team

Complete your development team from remote specialists and manage project development on your own terms.

It takes a little longer then a team leasing but is a better choice if you aim for a long (over one year) cooperation.

Leasing a team

Lease a team from one of our trusted partners - software houses specializing in all fields from the mobile apps development to creating blockchain and banking platforms.

We have access to over 200+ software development companies that are ready to develop for you or lease you a team in a shortest time possible.

Why recruiting your perfect team with RemoDevs?

Developers with skills

Hire talents who are has both in-depth technical knowledge and are also great team members that will contribute to your success.

Proven experience

Our candidates have years of experience in working for software companies that create software products for startups from all over the world.


You need to scale up your team? We are ready to help and provide you with desired specialist quickly.

Tech background

We are recruiters with tech background, experienced in programming and working in tech companies. This guarantees that candidates we provide are fitted to your needs. ​


We are transparent about the pricing and the terms we work on.

Support and guratantee

If somehow our talent will not meet your requirements, we provide you with another candidate or you get your money back.

What they say about us?

Great ideas need great developers​