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A proprietary service from RemoDevs that you won’t find at any other company. We had one goal – to deliver as much value to the client as possible – and we achieved it.



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Recruiter PRO aims to provide you with as many thoroughly vetted candidates as possible. You will get a dedicated Recruitment Manager who will have the support of our entire recruitment team. This will enable us to generate up to 100 suitable profiles for you within 60 days.



Recruiter pro also means highest ROI (compared to success-fee and RPO) and no additional
fees for recruitment. It means you can hire as many candidates as you want.

Recruiter PRO includes:

  • Dedicated Recruitment Manager
  • Entire sourcing team with access to paid sourcing tools
  • Budget of up to EUR 1,000 per month for advertising and promotion on job boards and social media

icon Recruiter PRO increases

  • Pool of candidates
  • Quality of candidates
  • Ease of scaling your team
  • Flexibility of your team
  • Return on investment

icon RPO decreases

  • Time to hire
  • Time spent on searching the candidate
  • Stress connected with finding the perfect candidate


See what clients
say about us

“Everything was on time, I wasn’t able to keep up with their pace.”


Suplift Terlecki

Co-Founder of Segment

“Everything exceeded my expectations.”


Frosty Paulina

Co-Founder of Segment

“They work really fast and provide tons of good candidates.”


Eiger Sasi

Co-Founder of Segment

“The ability to quickly find people with rare combinations of skills is something that definitely stands out.”



Co-Founder of Segment

“Their speed was phenomenal.”


Elevenlabs Mati

Co-Founder of Segment

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