PHP Symfony Developer

Salary: 12000-16000 PLN/mies + 26 paid days off

Job Description

Company Profile

Our goal is to work with people who consciously intend to develop their talents and are guided by real commitment in life. By joining us, you will gain an environment that will provide you with development on many levels. We create dedicated eCommerce platforms in PHP. 

Our projects usually last several months, and in each of them, we focus on quality, not quantity. Remember that others will use your code, and you will use others’ code.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • You are responsible and want to write clean code 
  • Perfect work organization 
  • Knowledge of PHP Knowledge of the Symfony framework 
  • Knowledge of GIT 
  • You’re good at English (you can speak freely during daily meetings, discuss and argue your arguments) 
  • Ability to create the right architecture based on requirements PHP – OOP, patterns (Decorator, DI), good coding practices, PSR, SOLID, DRY, KISS, 
  • Hexagonal Architecture 

More info about working with us:

  • 100% remote work with the possibility of coworking in Wrocław 
  • Stable, long-term employment 95% of projects are the dedicated B2C, B2B, MVM eCommerce 
  • A real impact on the projects you participate in and the direction of the entire company’s development 
  • We work only with Symfony using components and bundles or the entire Sylius platform (eCommerce Framework on top of Symfony) 
  • Part of our job is open-source (hundreds of programmers use them every day) 
  • We use Slack, Hangout, Zoom, JIRA, GitHub, TravisCI, Scrutinizer, and PHPStorm. Small (max. 5 people) project teams Short Daily Scrum Code Review, tests, static code analysis 
  • Possibility to take part in conferences around the world 
  • Working mainly with clients from the USA, Switzerland, France, Germany
  • No overtime working, timely salary, startup atmosphere A well-coordinated and full of an enthusiasts team We believe in high culture, respect, understanding, openness, and cooperation by undertaking the project.