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Your dedicated local IT Recruiter in Poland

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) allows you to hire our experienced recruiters to join your team on a full-time or part-time basis.



RPO is an excellent option for rapidly scaling companies that prefer to keep all recruitment in-house as well as for companies that want to offload IT recruitment team. Our RPO includes:

  • Bonuses worth 4000 EUR/m to maximise the number of candidates you receive.
  • Zero additional fees. You can hire as many candidates as you want because we don’t charge ANY fees for hiring!
  • Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll give you 100% of your money back! No questions asked.



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Matched to your company

We take care of screening part and filter out the 3% of candidates that are best fitting your offer and company culture.

Less stress, more time

We take whole first part of the recruitment process on us. It means less stress for you and more time for your team to focus on what’s important.



RPO with RemoDevs is the most comprehensive and compelling offer available on the market with the highest ROI (5-10x compared to success-fee or standard RPO models).

Our RPO includes bonuses worth 4000 EUR that 10x number of candidates:

  • Dedicated Recruitment Manager
  • Candidates from our internat database (worth 1000 EUR)
  • Paid sourcing tools (worth 500 EUR)
  • Social media promotion (worth 500 EUR)
  • Paid job boards promotion (worth 1000 EUR)
  • Management and support of RemoDevs team (worth 1000 EUR)

Total worth of bonuses: 4000 EUR/month.

icon Increase your

  • Pool of candidates x10
  • Quality of candidates
  • Ease of scaling your team
  • Flexibility in recruitment
  • ROI

icon Decrease your

  • Time to hire
  • Time spent on searching the candidate
  • Stress connected with finding the perfect candidate


See what clients
say about us

“Everything was on time, I wasn’t able to keep up with their pace.”


Lukasz Terlecki

Founder at Suplift

“Everything exceeded my expectations.”


Paulina Bialek

CEO at FrostyWhale

“They work really fast and provide tons of good candidates.”


Sasi Helin

HR Manager at Eiger

“The ability to quickly find people with rare combinations of skills is something that definitely stands out.”


Patryk Sobkow

CEO at Tonik

“Their speed was phenomenal.”


Mati Staniszewski

Founder at ElevenLabs

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Paulina Bialek

CEO, FrostyWhale

“Everything exceeded my expectations”

RemoDevs presented a lot of qualified candidates for the position, and the speed of the process was impressive. They understood the client’s requirements and managed the project efficiently. Overall, their excellent communication and management skills made the engagement seamless.

Coralie G.

HR Managers, stealth mode startup

“They provide us with relevant candidates on an ongoing basis”

RemoDevs’ efforts have resulted in three successful hires so far, meeting expectations. They’ve facilitated smooth project management through a communicative and collaborative approach. Their high-quality candidates, streamlined processes, and adaptable teammates are impressive.

Mati Staniszewski

CEO, Eleven Labs

“Their speed was phenomenal for our time together”

RemoDevs successfully provided 30 filtered candidates, of which five people made it to the final stage. The team maintained daily communication and responsively coordinated the process and feedback on Trello. Their practical approach, speed, and knowledge opened the door for future partnerships.

Anna Matuszak

Recruitment Manager, Better Software Group

“I really appreciate their approach to the project”

So far, the project is going well — the client has already hired a couple of senior developers. RemoDevs follows a smooth process and works collaboratively, communicating consistently via Kanban. There had been minor issues in communication, but the team has managed to resolve them quickly.

Sofia E.

Stealth Startup

“They are always ready to help and put a lot of effort into every aspect of their work”

RemoDevs offers significant help in onboarding qualified developers. They have provided the company with over 70 candidates for senior positions within a few weeks. A professional team, they are excellent at managing and scheduling calls with candidates.

Arek Niewiadomski

Team Manager, HappyByte

“Their availability to adjustments, very good communication skills, and quick feedback are impressive”

RemoDevs continue to support the client in finding the right candidates for their company needs. The team communicates via Trello to discuss the candidate requirements. So far, the client is impressed by the team’s effective communication, quick feedback, and resiliency.

Maciej Szulc

Co-Founder, Codigee

“We’ve enjoyed cooperation with RemoDevs. They responded quickly and reported about the progress which was nice”

As a result of RemoDev’s actions, two new candidates have been successfully onboarded. RemoDev has an efficient team of recruiters, ensuring candidate searches are completed in a timely manner.

Igor Adamski


“They were very effective, and their communication was perfect”

RemoDevs effectively handled the project, providing a hand in every aspect of the recruitment process. The team streamlined robust communication and management style throughout the engagement. Above all, their were prompt and well-versed in this field

Lukasz Terlecki


“Everything was on time, I wasn’t able to keep up with their pace”

Thanks to the RemoDev team’s efforts, the client was pleased with the outcome of the engagement. The team delivered the project on time and was responsive throughout the process. Their professionalism and accuracy were impressive.

Sasi Helin


“They work really fast, and provide tons of good candidates”

Through RemoDevs’ recruitment efforts, the client has managed to hire new software engineers. The team works efficiently and thoroughly, providing well-experienced candidates in a timely manner. Overall, the client has been very satisfied with the vendor’s services.

Anthony H.


“They provided good communication”

The client ended up hiring one of RemoDevs’ candidates and shortlisting a second one. The vendor also provided an effective communication process on Slack, as well. Overall, the client found no need to improve their service.

Elena Chernogolova

Lead Talent Partner, Flo Health

“We filled the positions required at the exact timing they initially provided”

RemoDevs provided the client with more than ten lead and senior developers within a month, enabling them to fill the positions within the agreed time frame. Their team cared about the client’s needs and was eager to provide results quickly.

Patryk Sobczak

CEO, Tonik

“The ability to quickly find people with rare combinations of skills is something that definitely stands out”

The project has been amazingly efficient and hassle-free for the internal partner. Remodevs has set a new standard when working with recruitment companies. The work they completed has been described as being smooth, with no complaints to report from the internal team.

Mathieu L.

Engineering Manager, SaaS Platform

“Everything was and still is really smooth and efficient. They have provided great candidates and great communication”

RemoDevs has led a smooth and efficient workflow that provided great candidates. The client had trusted them, delegating most of their service to their own hands. The client praises how the vendor saved them a lot of time. They’ve greatly relieved the internal team’s workflow.

Patryk Lenza

Co-Founder, Pattern Match

“The team’s very detailed descriptions of candidates and a lot of candidates to choose from have been impressive”

Thanks to RemoDevs’ engagement, the client has successfully hired candidates for their vacant positions. The team has provided a list of qualified candidates with detailed descriptions. The team’s recruitment process has been critical to the project’s success.

Kamil Osiecki

COO, Ideamotive

“They respond and act quickly. I think it’s really effective cooperation”

Since RemoDevs’s involvement, the client has been able to fill vacant positions with the recommended qualified professionals. Good communication helps the team achieve staffing goals seamlessly. Their flexibility has also helped them adapt to the client’s changing needs.

Tomasz Jurek

Head of People Operations, Future Mind

“The fact that they were able to act quickly was impressive”

With the help of RemoDevs, the client has since recruited several developers. The workflow is effective, and the team acts swiftly. So far, the client is satisfied with the results.

Michał Wieczorek

CEO, Bingwell

“Overall, I would highly recommend this recruitment agency to any business looking to hire top-quality talent.”

RemoDevs delivered the project within time and budget, exceeding the client’s expectations. They went above and beyond to find quality candidates for the client. They ensured productive responsiveness and a seamless recruitment process, timely updating the client throughout the process.

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