Symfony / Api-platform Developer

16/01/23 40000 – 60000 GBP/MONTH Remote

Blossom Educational is looking for capable Symfony PHP developer. Remote work, and for those who are willing, there is an opportunity to work in the office in Wroclaw in city center (Odra Tower building). Peace and quiet, energy and warm radiators guaranteed 😉

Blossom Educational is a startup founded in 2015, which had its first launch in March 2016. It operates in the child care/early years learning industry with headquarters in London/Wroclaw/India. The company is growing rapidly and gaining new customers every week new customers. Currently, there are over 1,000 of them and every month there are more and more although we have not yet started active expansion outside the UK.

Currently, the product team consists of 16 people: 3 x Fronted, 4 x Backend (we want increase the team to 7 programmers), 1 x mobile (react-native), 3 x QA engineer, 3 x graphic designer, 1 x product owner and CTO. All teams work closely together trying to develop the product in the best direction. In addition, there are several in London people dealing with sales, customer support, management, advisors. During product development, we put a lot of emphasis on quality (several thousand behats, specs and a dedicated QA team that has its own automatic tests) and cooperation between teams. Work is not based on receiving a task and working on it without no consultation with the product team, each task is the result of joint work from the beginning end. Every person in the company has an influence on the development of the product and can express their opinion on it his topic.

We work according to the principle quality > quantity (within reason, of course, because we do not try striving for perfection at all costs. Code review is not just a quick check and merge. There is it is a process that allows you to get a lot out of it, learn from it, and sometimes even lead to it madness when you think it’s over, and here’s another “small proposal” 😉

Tests are mandatory for pull requests. We are currently at the stage of scaling the application so there are more and more interesting issues related to optimization, performance, etc. We don’t just deal with simple form processing.

The company has a clearly defined roadmap for the next few years and we assure you that it does not you will be bored with us or worried every year.

Technology Stack:
  • frontend – react/react-native
  • backend – PHP7.3.x, Symfony 5.x (migration to 6 soon) / Api-platform, MySQL 8.x, AWS,
  • Docker, Serverless, NodeJS, Terraform
we work with
  • full use of CI/CD based on AWS ECS,
  • CloudFormation, EC2, Gitlab CI
For work we use:
  • gitlab
  • slack
  • jira
  • google meet
  • testrail
  • B2B settlement (0% VAT rate, intra-Community FV),
  • salary from 40,000 – 60,000 GBP per year
  • 20 paid vacation days per year + holidays
  • paid L4
We require:
  • commercial experience in developing web applications and proficiency in PHP7/8
  • commercial experience with Symfony (preferably version 5.x) and full proficiency in this framework
  • commercial experience with MySQL or other RDBMS
  • experience in creating an API based on the REST architecture
  • experience in reading application logs and debugging
  • ability to write good automated tests, we use phpspec and
  • behat (we use it very, very hard and a lot ;))
  • knowledge of tools for measuring and improving code quality – phpmd, phpcs, etc
  • knowledge and ability to apply design patterns
  • knowledge of English enabling written communication on slack and reading documentation,
  • attention to detail
Good to have:
  • knowledge of the API Platform
  • serverless knowledge
  • knowledge of Docker
  • knowledge of AWS
  • knowledge of CD/CI
The recruitment process consists of three simple steps
  • technical conversation
  • coding challenge
  • finalizing the terms of the contract

Over 60% of our candidates get invited to an interview with our Clients.

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