Senior Java Engineer

04/05/23 6000 – 7000 USD/MONTH Remote
Our client is a top place to work due to the incredible culture our employees have created. We strive to provide an opportunity to work with a great team with a compelling product with the objective that adding value in your work life fuels the rest of your life. We know that a winning company is built on the efforts of its people, and that’s an environment we foster. We encourage every employee to bring their authentic self to work and take ownership of their position and their career. We strive to give our employees everything they need to make meaningful contributions to the overall success of our company. We’re looking for go-getters that are excited to thrive in a company going through an exciting growth phase! 

We are a fast-growing SaaS company based in the United States. We are changing the way the world buys enterprise software. We do this by providing intelligent demo automation software that helps you scale Presales. How does this work? We believe buying enterprise software should be simple, pleasant, and fast instead of complex, painful, and slow (which is how it is today). Buyers now want instant access to presales (sales engineering) resources throughout the buying experience but they find it harder and harder to get what they need. Using our tool, a sales engineering team builds a sends out on-demand. It’s automatically personalizes the experience and tracks engagement as the prospect shares the demo with other stakeholders in the buying group, bringing the entire buying group to live demos better educated and ready to talk specifics.

This not only reduces unqualified demos to near zero and can double the presales team’s productivity, it also removes the “demo lag time” for prospects and shortens the sales cycle by as much as 68%.

Our Values:
Our values are extremely important to us and we hope that they mean something to you too. We want everyone to bring their authentic selves to work every day. We hope you can help us continue to grow without having to be perfect, but willing to put your name on something knowing it is a “version one”. Everyone here takes total ownership and accountability, because owning our outcomes means making a real contribution. We also believe in a “no peacemongering” principle. We know our path to success is hard and we don’t hesitate to ask hard things of others. We are respectfully confrontational to one another and ask direct accountability questions.

About the Role:
If you are a top-notch software engineer that wants to help lead a team of passionate, driven people, then this position might be a good fit for you. This position will be responsible for helping, meet aggressive scale and platform growth challenges. You will use some of the best technologies available and will have an opportunity to shape the architectural future of a fast-growing, industry-leading company.

What You’ll Do:
  • Apply your skills with Java to build high quality, well-tested, scalable and powerful backend services, database interactions, and analytics.
  • Work with product managers to flush out requirements and create balanced delivery iterations.
  • Interact with frontend engineers to help design API contracts to support user workflows.
  • Create unit tests and work with both manual and automated QA to ensure new features and services work as expected.
  • Improve the existing codebase to have better and higher quality test coverage.
  • Collaborate with architects and DevOps to improve overall system design.
  • Contribute to our architectural roadmap to ensure we have a scalability, performant, maintainable, and secure application.
  • Mentor and coach less experienced engineers in best practices and established patterns.
  • Debug production systems as needed.
  • Improve the system through better alerting, monitoring, and logging.
  • Avoid and remove the accrual of technical debt in our systems.

What We’re Looking For:
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent.
  • 4+ years of related experience with backend engineering.
  • 2+ years of experience with Spring/Spring Boot.
  • Expert level understanding of Java or other enterprise-level back-end language (e.g. Golang, C#, C++).
  • Mastery-level understanding of REST and API development with strong skills in building well designed APIs.
  • Firm grasp of solid architectural principles for back-end applications.
  • Well versed in abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance, closures and other commonly applied principles.
  • Pragmatic approach to feature development, architectural improvement, and system evolution.
  • Good understanding of Git and pull request workflows including continuous integration.
  • Solid understanding and practical experience applying the agile methodology to projects.
  • Strong skills in the terminal for Unix or Linux-based operating systems including script writing and command-line tools.
  • Very strong skills with SQL as well as experience with other types of databases preferred such as noSQL, graph, etc.
  • Solid debugging skills and the ability to detect and make performance improvements.
  • Experience with docker, Kubernetes or other container-based technologies.
  • Experience working with cloud technologies such as AWS.
  • Quality-minded, with the ability to elevate others in areas like effective boundary condition testing and test-driven development.
  • Experience with eventing frameworks like Kafka is a plus.
  • Good communication skills, strong work ethic, and commitment to being accountable for yourself and your team.

  • Flexible/Remote work environment
  • Company provided best-in-class equipment (we give you the budget and you choose the equipment you want to work with)
  • Professional Development program
  • Team gatherings and team buildings
  • Every third Friday of the month off

Over 60% of our candidates get invited to an interview with our Clients.

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