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07/03/24 100 – 120 PLN/H Remote

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    We are thrilled to extend an invitation to talented individuals to apply for the position of Business Analyst within our esteemed organization. This role presents a unique opportunity to join a dynamic team dedicated to driving forward our projects and achieving excellence in every endeavor.

    As a Business Analyst, you will play a pivotal role in our team, bringing a wealth of skills and experience to the table. Your responsibilities will include:

    • **Exceptional Communication and Interpersonal Skills**: We are seeking individuals with exemplary communication and interaction abilities, encompassing facilitation, influencing, teamwork, and adeptness in both verbal and nonverbal communication. Your capacity to effectively convey complex concepts and ideas will be integral to your success in this role.
    • **Ownership and Collaboration**: A hallmark of this position is the ability to take personal accountability for your tasks while fostering close collaboration with stakeholders. Your proactive approach and willingness to engage with stakeholders will be instrumental in ensuring alignment and driving successful outcomes.
    • **Support for Product Owners**: You will serve as a crucial support system for our Product Owners, assisting them in various tasks such as presenting correlations, defining Minimum Viable Product (MVP) strategies, and navigating intricate project landscapes with finesse and precision.
    • **International Work Experience**: Candidates with exposure to international environments, particularly within the Mexican (MX) market, will be highly valued. Your understanding of diverse cultural nuances and market dynamics will enrich our team and contribute to our global perspective.
    • **Problem-solving and Decision-making**: Practical experience in problem-solving, visual thinking, and decision-making will be essential assets in this role. Your ability to analyze complex situations, devise innovative solutions, and make informed decisions will be instrumental in driving project success.
    • **Proficiency in BPMN**: While familiarity with BPMN is essential, knowledge of UML (Unified Modeling Language) is not required initially. Your proficiency in BPMN will enable you to effectively model business processes and facilitate clear communication within the team.
    • **Commitment to Continuous Learning**: We value individuals with a growth mindset and a constant learning approach. Your willingness to embrace new challenges, acquire new skills, and adapt to evolving circumstances will be pivotal to your professional growth and success within our organization.
    • **People-centric Approach and Sense of Humor**: We believe in fostering a positive and inclusive work environment where collaboration thrives. Your affinity for working with people and your ability to inject humor into your interactions will contribute to a vibrant and engaging workplace culture.
    • **Adherence to Work Schedule and Office Presence**: The successful candidate should be available to work during standard Polish office hours (9 AM-5 PM) and willing to spend additional time at our Warsaw (WAW) office initially. This commitment will facilitate the establishment of strong relationships with team members and foster effective collaboration.
    • **Additional Assets**: While not mandatory, candidates with knowledge of Sales Force, experience in collaborating with customer care agents, and proficiency in the Spanish language will be considered advantageous.

    In summary, this role presents a compelling opportunity for individuals who are passionate about driving impactful change, leveraging their expertise, and contributing to the success of our projects. If you are ready to embark on a rewarding journey with a forward-thinking organization, we encourage you to apply and become an integral part of our team. Join us as we strive to redefine excellence and make a lasting impact in the industry.

    Over 60% of our candidates get invited to an interview with our Clients.

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