C++ / Rust Developer

24/06/24 6500 – 7500 USD/m Remote

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Candidate data

    We are looking for a developer who is genuinely passionate about technology to join our team of
    top-notch developers. In this role, you will be involved in various aspects of the product from
    inception to customer deployment. You will tackle scale, performance, platform, and distributed
    systems challenges and contribute to a large-scale production environment.

    Required Qualifications:
    ● Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.
    ● 4+ years of experience in software development.
    ● Proven experience in systems programming and hands-on proficiency.
    ● Proficiency with system programming languages such as C, C++, Rust, or equivalent.
    ● Experience with Kubernetes, Helm, Linux, and Docker is a plus.
    ● Experience in managing and monitoring production environments is an advantage.
    ● Domain experience in databases, protocols, or networking is a plus.
    ● Track record of excellence in software development.

    ● Develop and maintain our runtime environment.
    ● Implement real-time protocol parsing, analysis, and security controls. – CRUCIAL FOR THIS ROLE
    ● Work closely with the engineering team to design and develop new features.
    ● Optimize performance and scalability of the proxy architecture.
    ● Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure smooth deployment and operation of
    the product

    Over 60% of our candidates get invited to an interview with our Clients.

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