38000 - 45000 PLN/month
100% remote


  • 5+ years experience in back-end development, building real-world applications, using modern languages and technologies
  • Understanding algorithms with large amounts of data-points, using various techniques and technologies
  • Ability to find performance bottlenecks, design for scale, and implement accordingly.
  • Team-player – Good communication skills. Willing to learn and teach. - Charging the field together to deliver quickly without compromising on quality.
  • Ability to learn new technologies, willing to always change and adapt without taking the current state for granted.

Remote Python Developer

A great offer for a Senior Python Developer interested in working on a thriving SaaS product – a modern marketing platform with advanced analytics tools.

Our platform discovers, streams, and parses live, unstructured market data, from anywhere on the web.

By combining these capabilities with search, discovery, visualizations, and collaboration, they make this data digestible and explorable. Both marketing leaders and contributors use our prescient insights to reliably define, plan, and optimize their growth strategy, in real-time.

What will you do?
– Be a part of highly experienced software engineers and take on the challenges of all things back-end.
– Plan and build pipelines and infrastructure to handle large volumes of data
– Develop novel algorithms to discover new entities; extract relevant information by using various techniques from NLP to relations-graphs; connect to other entities and use statistical methods to complement missing information.
– Build computational models to categorize, classify and create benchmarks for each customer-relevant market and activity.
– Build performant and scalable APIs used by the client-side.
– Collaborate with related departments – product, architecture, and leadership – to move the business forward by building a winning product. – – Be part of the conversation from idea initiation, through design and implementation, to measurement and analysis.

Direct employment at our client’s company.

Salary: 8000 – 11000 USD/month + 26 paid days off