Product Lead
(Senior Product Manager)

01/06/22 8000 – 9000 USD Remote

Our company is creating the next phase of digital tools for the movement of people around the world. Our mission is to make navigation easier for millions of people – and we need your help!

Position Summary:

The Product Lead is a critical team member reporting to the CEO. A technical, user-centric leader working closely with engineers and designers to guide products from concept to launch. In this role, there will be a lot of big thinking and strategy but it’s the little decisions, thinking on your feet, and staying within 20 steps of the leadership team that is most critical.

The segment we are focusing on is in the intersection of customer experience journeys and location technology – requiring an understanding of productizing APIs, SDKs in either afront-end UI, or back-end systems format.

This role has a unique position to define a transformational stage of the product life cycle, and develop a product team that scales with our clients.

What will you do:

  • Responsible for guiding our product throughout the execution cycle and focusing specifically on analyzing and tailoring our solution to all of our users.
  • Partner with the Head of Engineering to further define the product strategy and roadmap based on an understanding of our users’ needs, strategic objectives, and marketplace opportunities.
  • Build a cross-functional product team
  • Lead and perform daily product management activities including the definition of product specs, requirements, user stories, and high-level technical and user experience flow.
  • Break down complex problems into steps that quickly drive product development.
  • Understand the travel and place-based, location market – our competition, and user requirements in depth.
  • Launch new features and refine current ones, test their performance, and iterate quickly.
  • Develop solutions to problems by collaborating as needed across product areas and functions.


  • Experience in CX departments and CX platforms (like Airship, Braze, or AdobeMarketing Cloud). Ideally have either bought and/or integrated external data for the anin-house product, via one of those CX platforms.
  • Experience with notification system design or has worked at a vendor that provides those services like Twilio.
  • Travel, transportation, mapping, location mapping, and routing expertise.
  • Experience with technologies like Foursquare, Placer, Segment, Google Maps, Mobilewalla, and other similar systems.
  • Technical competence and ability to adapt to new technologies
  • At least 5 years of experience in digital product development or digital project management with a proven track record of successful launches and delivery
  • Experience with multiple product development methodologies and cross-functional project management skills
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to manage multiple sub-projects at once
  • Strong technical experience working with app technologies and platform integrations
  • Mastery of modern agile software methodologies (e.g. Scrum, Kanban) and tools (e.g.Jira)

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