Node.js Developer (or Python)

25/10/23 6000 – 7000 EUR/MONT Warsaw

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    We are a prominent leader in the fight against illegitimate chargebacks on behalf of merchants. Our chargeback mitigation solution uses smart technology to create a hands-off experience for merchants while providing the highest overall success rates in the industry. We are seeking a skilled Integration Developer to join our Engineering department on a full-time basis.

    About the Role:

    The role of Integration Developer involves designing, developing, and maintaining integration solutions that facilitate seamless data flow and effective system collaboration. As an Integration Developer, you will work closely with other teams to ensure the smooth operation of all our applications. Success in this role requires analytical and problem-solving abilities, as well as the capability to creatively solve integration challenges and maintain complex systems.

    Role & Responsibilities:

    As an Integration Developer, you will be responsible for:

    • Developing asynchronous messaging architectures and rule-based systems.
    • Formulating strategies and designing architectures for systems integrations.
    • Identifying and resolving conflicts in data configurations and overlaps.
    • Maintaining the integrity and smooth functioning of the company’s integration architecture.
    • Analyzing and enhancing existing system integrations and migration strategies.
    • Identifying, debugging, and providing guidance on system errors or architecture issues.
    • Writing and maintaining documentation.

    To excel in this role, you should have the following qualifications:

    • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English.
    • An agile and pragmatic mindset.
    •  A sense of responsibility and a commitment to personal and team growth.
    •  A team player who values collaborative work.
    •  Eagerness to learn new things as the industry evolves continuously, requiring flexibility, adaptability, and improvement.
    •  6+ years of experience in backend software development in Node.js or Python.
    •  Experience in designing, implementing, deploying, and maintaining high-scale, production-grade systems.
    •  Experience with event-driven microservices systems.
    •  Hands-on experience implementing RESTful/RPC APIs and message-based inter-service communication.
    •  Experience with asynchronous execution environments.
    •  Strong object-oriented programming and design pattern skills.
    •  Hands-on experience with SQL and NoSQL databases, such as MongoDB, Redis, Postgres, or similar data stores.
    •  Prior experience with Cloud Services and Cloud Computing platforms (e.g., AWS, GCP, Azure) and working in microservices distributed environments (Docker/Swarm, Kubernetes).
    •  Solid system design and architectural skills with technological expertise.
    •  A drive to promote quality and lead continuous improvements in your team’s ways of working.

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