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22/08/23 4000 – 5000 EUR/MONTH Remote

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    Are you ready to level up your career and be part of a dynamic team shaping the future of gaming experiences? If you’re a passionate Backend Developer with a strong background in .NET C# and a knack for creating scalable and efficient backend systems, this could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.


    As a Senior Backend Developer, you will play a crucial role in bringing our gaming platforms to life. Your responsibilities will include:

    • Design, Develop, and Maintain: Craft scalable and efficient backend systems using .NET C# that power our innovative gaming platforms.
    • Collaborate and Integrate: Work closely with game designers and frontend developers to seamlessly integrate server-side logic, database designs, and API integrations.
    • Optimize for Excellence: Enhance backend performance and scalability to ensure a seamless gaming experience, even under high user traffic.
    • Security and Integrity: Implement robust security measures to safeguard user data and maintain the integrity of our backend systems.
    • Testing and Debugging: Rigorously test and debug backend code to identify and resolve any issues, ensuring a polished and error-free gaming environment.
    • Stay Ahead of the Curve: Stay updated with the latest gaming trends and technologies, suggesting improvements to continually enhance the gaming experience.


    We’re looking for candidates who bring both technical expertise and a passion for gaming to the table. The ideal candidate will have:

    • Educational Foundation: A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field, providing a strong base for your technical prowess.
    • Backend Mastery: Proven experience as a Backend Developer with a minimum of 7 years of hands-on experience, specializing in .NET C# and backend development for gaming projects.
    • Gaming Insight: A deep understanding of gaming concepts and industry-specific technologies, allowing you to create experiences that truly resonate with players.
    • API Expertise: Proficiency in designing and implementing RESTful APIs, ensuring smooth communication between frontend and backend systems.
    • Database Proficiency: Experience with database management systems, whether SQL or NoSQL, to manage and optimize data storage effectively.
    • Cloud Savvy: Familiarity with cloud platforms such as AWS or Azure, and the ability to deploy and maintain applications in a cloud environment.
    • Coding Craftsmanship: A solid grasp of software development principles, design patterns, and best practices, ensuring the quality of your code.
    • Problem-Solving Skills: Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities, coupled with a knack for thriving in a fast-paced, collaborative environment.
    • Effective Communication: Excellent communication skills and a collaborative spirit to work seamlessly with cross-functional teams.
    • Redis Database: Familiarity with Redis database is a plus, showcasing your versatility and willingness to explore new technologies.

    Preferred Experience:
    • Multiplayer Mastery: Experience with game server development and multiplayer gaming architectures, contributing to dynamic and interactive gaming experiences.
    • Game Engine Familiarity: Knowledge of Unity or other game engines, enabling smooth integration of backend systems with game engines for seamless frontend-backend synchronization.
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    Join our talented team where your contributions will make a significant impact on the gaming landscape. We offer an environment that nurtures growth, innovation, and a true passion for creating exceptional gaming experiences.

    If you’re excited to collaborate on cutting-edge gaming platforms, eager to innovate, and prepared to take your career to the next level, we invite you to apply. Become a part of our journey to revolutionize gaming experiences for players worldwide.

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