Head of Sales

07/08/23 3000 – 4000 EUR/MONTH Remote

We invite you to take on a transformative role as the Head of Sales at our Startup Hub. We are driven by a commitment to enrich the tech ecosystem with innovation and exceptional talent. Our vision is to equip individuals with the right resources, enabling them to craft remarkable solutions. We understand that an engaged community is at the heart of our success, drawing partners, clients, and investors. Join us in this exciting journey as we empower innovation and create lasting impact.

Position Overview:

As the Head of Sales, you will be an integral part of our team, collaborating closely with Marketing and Product units. Your role will focus on driving the sales of products and services to corporations and direct clients. A challenging yet rewarding task awaits you: to design a sales process that propels toward its sales goals and accelerates growth across various locations. Your leadership will extend to managing a cross-country team, while your strategic insights will steer our sales efforts.

  • Develop and execute the overall sales strategy, targeting potential sponsors, partners, and corporate clients, with a strong emphasis on B2B sales.
  • Lead the entire sales cycle, engaging with clients, preparing sales pitches, crafting presentations and commercial proposals.
  • Construct sales processes, encompassing team creation, procedures, tools, and result analysis.
  • Create scripts, presentations, and other essential resources to bolster sales efforts.
  • Oversee lead generation, contract review, and approval processes.
  • Uphold high levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Form, lead, and nurture the sales team, setting targets, offering feedback, coaching, and ensuring their effectiveness.
  • Monitor market trends and competition, identifying fresh opportunities.
  • Collaborate with Product and Marketing Teams to communicate the value propositions of products effectively.
  • Analyze sales data and client feedback to uncover trends, opportunities, and challenges, refining product positioning.
  • Provide regular reports and analyses on sales performance, delivering actionable recommendations.
  • 3-5 years of sales experience, with a strong grasp of sales processes and metrics.
  • Insight into the nuances of corporate innovation sales.
  • Leadership experience, successfully managing teams of 2 or more employees.
  • Exceptional mentorship and coaching skills, demonstrated by talent growth within a team.
  • Proficiency in establishing disciplines, fostering cross-functional collaboration, and nurturing strong relationships across the organization.
  • Deep understanding of the startup and innovation ecosystem, enabling the identification and cultivation of key partnerships.

As the Head of Sales, you will play a pivotal role in shaping growth trajectory. You will have the unique opportunity to assemble and lead your team, contribute to strategic direction, and leave a profound mark on Startup Hub’s journey. If you are passionate about sales, eager to lead a team, and ready to make a significant impact, this is the role for you.

Join us in propelling innovation, building partnerships, and driving growth. Shape Startup Hub’s future and yours. Apply now to take the lead in revolutionizing the tech ecosystem.


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