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13/02/24 8000 – 16000 EUR/M Remote

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    Our project is pioneering a groundbreaking decentralized prover network, tailored for deploying diverse provers as on-chain programs while upholding performance akin to centralized counterparts. Our vision is to simplify the creation of high-performance zk-based systems, like validity rollups, by streamlining the deployment process akin to smart contracts.

    About the Role:

    We’re seeking a Senior Software Engineer adept at transforming concepts into robust, elegantly coded solutions, facilitating seamless comprehension and modification by peers. With a solid grasp of distributed systems and a keen insight into Linux infrastructure, you’ll thrive in this role. While experience in low-level systems is advantageous, proficiency in blockchain isn’t mandatory.

    • 2+ years of GO experience, either professionally or through personal projects.
    • Ability to rapidly assimilate intricate systems.
    • Proactive problem-solving skills.
    • Strong, articulate communication skills in English.
    Preferred Skills:
    • Proficiency in distributed systems, P2P networking, virtualization, and unikernels.
    • Interest in blockchain/cybersecurity.
    • Familiarity with Linux internals, POSIX standards, file systems, and zero-knowledge cryptography.
    Key Responsibilities:
    • Collaborate closely with our team to enhance features and functionality.
    • Deep dive into the project’s infrastructure to propose and implement improvements.
    • Contribute to engineering practices and processes.
    What We Offer:
    • Fully remote position.
    • Competitive salary.
    • Significant responsibility from day one.
    • Rapidly evolving environment with ample room for professional growth.
    • Minimal meeting commitments.
    • Flexible working hours (overlap availability with EET required).
    • Opportunity to work on cutting-edge Zero Knowledge infrastructure.
    • Chance to delve into blockchain industry and development without prior experience.
    Tech Stack:
    • Linux on x86-64.
    • Nanos unikernel.
    • QEMU.
    • gRPC over VSOCK.
    • GO.
    • Postgresql.

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