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19/04/24 5500 – 6500 USD/MONTH Remote

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    We’re on the lookout for a tenacious, passionate, and creative software enthusiast to lead the design and development of our payments software. Our comprehensive feature set is designed to assist merchants in navigating their customers seamlessly from the order form to the thank you page, ensuring more renewals. Leveraging insights gained from years of subscription business experience and millions of subscribers, we’ve crafted a payment system that is clever, flexible, and user-friendly.

    Take on a project and see it to its end:

    • Potential Obstacles: Our work is organized into 6-week cycles, which can make it easy to lose focus or forget to plan ahead.
    • Actions: Understand the value of completing each cycle successfully and use your tenacity to see each project through.
    • Results: Achieve stellar project completion numbers with focused concentration.

    Work as a synchronous team in a remote environment:

    • Potential Obstacles: Remote work presents personal and team-based challenges such as timezone differences and communication.
    • Actions: Foster deep working relationships with colleagues to understand their work and support each other.
    • Results: Cultivate a strong team culture where larger projects move forward efficiently.

    Help your colleagues raise their skills with thoughtful code reviews and feedback on ideas:

    • Potential Obstacles: Balancing your own projects and priorities while offering remote feedback can be daunting.
    • Actions: Prioritize your schedule and share your unique knowledge and experience to strengthen your team.
    • Results: Enhance team precision, creativity, and knowledge depth with your assistance.

    Key Functional Areas of Responsibility:

    • What will you manage? Oversee project roles within small teams, ensuring adherence to standards and facilitating smooth collaboration.
    • What will you contribute to? Participate in code reviews, generate projects, provide feedback, and assist in hiring new teammates.
    • What will you support? Embrace an open environment where everyone is welcome to contribute to any project.

    Our Tech Stack: Explore our robust tech stack encompassing backend, frontend, framework, API, testing, build, version control, infrastructure, and database technologies.

    Projects We’re Working On: Dive into our ongoing projects including the Customer Billing Portal, KYC Product, and Improving App UX.

    If you’re a software enthusiast ready to drive innovation in payments software development, join us and embark on an exciting journey!”

    Over 60% of our candidates get invited to an interview with our Clients.

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