5000-8000 EUR/month
100% remote


  • 3+ years React experience
  • Very good TypeScript Knowledge

Frontend Developer (React)

We are an early-stage technology startup with the ambitious goal of building a system capable of understanding knowledge, to answer questions and get things done.

We leverage new scientific fields such as probabilistic programming, category theory, and cognitive science, and our system is built to make use of technologies such as deep learning, knowledge graphs, or knowledge-based computing.

The system we develop aims to provide services across different industries, acting as an analyst, a personal assistant, data scientist, or scientific advisor.

Join us if you want to work on the future of AI along a unique approach and within a progressive work environment. ​​100% remote team (currently 9 countries); what matters is the outcome, not when and from where you work. No positions, no silos; transparent goals and tasks, and highly skilled people with a genuine motivation to achieve our goal together.


Salary: 5,000 – 8,000 EUR/month

100% remote


We offer:

  • Option to receive shares in the company from the start
  • 30 paid days off
  • Laptop and other equipment (owned by you)
  • Exceptional work environment attractive for intellectually curious people who get things done



  • Implement interfaces based on mock-ups
  • Pay attention to design and usability
  • Write clean and performant code
  • Write comprehensive tests



  • 3+ years React experience
  • Very good TypeScript Knowledge


Nice to have:

  • Data visualization, likely with D3.js
  • Layout algorithms
  • UX skills
  • Data Dashboards


Technologies used in the project:

  • React – Typescript – Julia
  • Machine Learning – CI/CD – Data Visualisation
  • Gitlab CI – Terraform – Kubernetes